New Run Activity Pages

Please leave us your comments and feedback for the new Run Activity pages here.

Great news, runners: your new run activity page on is now live. We spoke to tons of you about what is important when viewing your activities and those of others, and have incorporated your needs and experiences as runners into this new page. 

Some of the new features:

  • Social Bar: We added a social bar to the top of the page, putting your activity title, description, comments, kudos, Instagram photos, and other athletes on your run front and center.
  • Sharing Module:  Easily share your run to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, or embed in your blog from the sharing module located at the top, left-hand corner of the page.
  • Key Stats: Distance, time, average pace and elevation are located between the Social Bar and Elevation & Performance Chart. Your mile/km splits from your run are located on the right-hand side of your activity map.
  • Top Results: Get a snapshot of your achievements for the run, including any goals you have accomplished, PRs for best efforts, and segment achievements. 
  • Elevation & Performance Chart: We’ve vastly improved the visual interaction for reviewing and scrubbing all your activity details. Use the cursor to look at your pace, elevation, grade adjusted pace and grade at any point during your run.
  • Premium Analysis: We've rolled out changes to the Pace analysis and distribution, including the new analysis specific to a race. Now you can designate a run activity as a "Race" and get interactive and granular data such as race splits and projected finish times. 
  • Segment Efforts, Stats & Comparison: We’ve optimized the Segment Efforts within your activity so you can quickly scan your most meaningful achievements. We display key stats of your effort along with your leaderboard ranking. And when you’re looking at another athlete’s segment effort, you’ll be able to compare your PR against theirs.

Some of the changes: There are aspects of the run activity pages that are not currently available, with some of these aspects scheduled to return, redesigned, at a later date:

  • Viewing the Performance Chart with 'time' as the x-axis: The new performance chart is set with 'distance' as the x-axis, and we plan to re-add the option to switch to 'time' in the near future (coming soon). 
  • Lap data from a Garmin device: Will now be visible underneath the Segments view in the left sidebar for Free and Premium users.
  • Segment Comparison: The ability to compare your segment effort with your PR and/or the CR for the segment has been removed, and will return after a redesign incorporating the features from
  • Run "Score": The run intensity score that appeared previously under the Analysis tab is no longer available, but will return when the calculation is more accurate. 
  • GAP for mile splits: We're currently working on our algorithm for GAP. Once the algorithm is improved, GAP split data will be displayed on our new Premium Pace & Race Analysis pages.
  • Best Efforts: The technology available used to generate Best Efforts was not up to our high standard of accuracy. Due to this, we will continue to display any PRs you receive for the next few weeks, but then we will turn off Best Efforts in its current form. Over the next few months, we'll continue to explore innovative and relevant ways to bring this feature back to all users once it has reached our high standards of accuracy. We apologize for this change.

Some Known Issues:

  • FIXED Performance Issues: We're hard at work improving the performance issues that have been reported. Improvements coming soon.
  • FIXED Hidden Segments: Hidden segments will be re-adding this week (we still need to add the ability to hide and unhide segments)
  • FIXED Elevation Correction for your Run: Will be re-added very soon.


  • Why would you remove Laps?

  • Anyone know how Garmin Connect looks nowadays? Haven't looked for a year.

  • The new update is definitely a step back in performance and functionality. 

    How about you make it match the stats/layout that is used for the Rides? Everything is in a useable format  it tracks the best efforts, segments, elevation, Average and Max HR, all in a very easy to read format.


    I've spent money on a premium membership and bought your recommended HR strap, I'd like to "want" to continue using the product I've paid for.

  • @Scott "How about you make it match the stats/layout that is used for the Rides? Everything is in a useable format  it tracks the best efforts, segments, elevation, Average and Max HR, all in a very easy to read format."

    I think what's is more likely to happen is that Rides will soon have the dire performance and functionality of the 'upgraded' Run activity...OMG

  • James - That's also my concern.. And I'll be out money on a subscription and HR strap that's useless elsewhere.

    I suppose I could get a Garmin and use their tools.

  • Unfortunately, it's a very laggy update, compared to how things loaded before.  It takes forever to load the map on the activity page and accessing segment pages is more difficult.  Glad to see Strava working on things though.

  • Completely useless on Safari, definitely a step backwards in usability.  Not willing to wait through minutes of load time to test any "features".

  • roll back ! roll back ! roll back ! roll back !

  • I would like to see something other than just elevation as a Y-Axis label on the elevation and performance graph. Also I would like the elevation gain by lap. Also, the elevation is not spread throughout the Y-Axis of the graph. It is all compressed at the bottom. The Y-Axis spread does not vary with a varying elevation gain.

  • The "Create new segment" button now gives me a popup with an explanation of what a segment is. Not very useful ;)

  • A few responses to your comments:

    Anders: Not sure what you're referring to - we haven't changed anything with the segment creation process. 

    D P: Good catch - that is a bug with the Pace Analysis. We'll fix this soon. You can move the zoom section by dragging the box on the elevation chart underneath. 

    Jacob K: Can you start a ticket with an example of Pace Analysis zoomed at 1x that doesn't display the entire run? We are not aware of this potential issue. 

    Scawen: we are doing some additional work with the segment effort pages, specifically the graph. We hope to clear up the issue you've raised when "scrubbing" for HR data. 

    Paul: We do feel that VAM is only for cyclists, so we will be editing the glossary definition soon. 

    Melissa: we are compatible with Internet Explorer version 9 and up. 

    More info and responses to your feedback coming soon!

  • We're carefully reviewing all of your feedback - so thanks again for chiming in on the discussion here. I've made some additions to the original article body and have posted some known issues and 'coming soon' updates. Please feel free to review. 

  • Elle, sorry but that is in my opinion a disappointing attitude and lack of judgement re: VAM.  The definition is Vertical Ascent Meters per hour.  So you are saying only cyclists vertically ascend?  Runners don't?  Are you kidding me! This is a massive quick in the teeth to the mountain runners who use Strava. I was your biggest advocate in the Australian mountain running community. I was getting more and more on the platform. VAM scoring of mountain ascents was the most important and useful feature for me.  It is how I guaged my ascent performance.  You will find out (particularly if you study my running activities) that mountain runners ascend with similar VAM to cyclists. I climb as a runner 20-40% grades with the same VAM (~1400+) as I do as a cyclist on 5-15% grades. VAM is as equally useful to running as it is to cycling. 

    I also just bought a Strava cycling jersey to promote your platform. I am requesting a refund.  Voting with my dollars on this one.

    Extremely disappointed.

  • Agree with everyone else - this is worse in every dimension. Less functionality, less performance, less usability. The graph is useless now. Can't zoom. Very slow. Defaults to GAP (mostly useless) and not HR!?! Only shows first 6 splits before you have to scroll. When I drill down on a segment and look at someone else's time, I can no longer go "Back to Run" to see their whole run - which I used to tell if it was accidentally a bike labelled as a run.

    Really disappointed in this release after such stellar progress to date. I honestly don't know how this one got through user testing.

    Can we opt-out and switch back to the old view please please PLEASE?!

  • Please bring back the old version for RUNNING - Laps/splits, etc.  (We'll all just fade away from using strava if it stays as is.  Garmin Connect is much better.) Thx.

  • @Elle: The "Create new segment" function probably still works, but the "Create new segment" button doesn't work any more. So I'm unable to create segments from a run activity.

    For example, look at this run activity: and try to click the button (either the one on the left side or the one on the right side). None of these buttons work; they just show me the "learn more about segments" popup dialogue...

  • I gave the new design some time.

    Still could not get used to it.

    - Too many clicks. (Maybe strava is sponsored by a company making mouse buttons :) )

    - Please bring back VAM! Not all people run flat marathons. Mountain and trail running is vertical sport, VAM is a very basic information.

    - I would like to see grids for laps and segments with all data (HR, VAM, time, avg speed/pace, distance, elevation +/-).

    Grids are easy to see, no annoying clicks, giving excellent overview. Graph is good but I only use it to select and zoom parts of it that I'd like to inspect.

    Showing only time for km splits has no meaning unless someone always run flats with the same intensity.

    - Never thought that I was going to think about using Garmin Connect again, but this new strava version needs some polishing.

  • I still surprised this "upgrade" hasn't been backed out. I work in IT, and software testing in particular. If I'd let a code release like this into a production environment - I'd lose my job. 

  • @ Shu P I think that's the point mate... This is not the release, it's the test environment. It's being tested on runners and runners are being used as product testers before they roll out a corrected product for cyclists. It's BS. There are undoubtedly some good touches in there that I love, but they could have tested this on staff members for a week and realised it was a huge step backwards.

    Strava has a following based on the visibility and connectedness of users. This strips that away. I haven't bothered to look at any of my friends run data since it got released because it's not quick and intuitive anymore.

    Premium cancelled until changes are made. I refuse to fund stupidity.

  • My running segments are showing some silly results. I wish I could run a sub-13:00 5k, but 26:30 is more realistic. Any idea why the segments are speeding up my results?
  • @Robbie Kirk:

    The problem is that someone has posted a (stupid) segment consisting of multiple loops. With the current matching algorithm at Strava, the criterion is to pass through both "start" and "end" plus >50% of the points between.

    Thus, for a 4-loop segment, you only have to run two of the loops to get a match...but your speed is still calculated from the segment distance of 4 loops.

    So the simple solution is to never create multi-loop segments, and preferably not even complete loops (a loop will also be registered if you run the opposite way).

  • I've already posted some critical feedback, but now I have noticed another serious regression: previously, if I paused my watch for a minute, the paused period would not be included in the total run time (or charts) in Strava. Now it is, so if I stop for a pee during a regular training run, there's no longer any hope of usefully comparing the time for that run with that of another. This must be a bug, because I can't believe that someone would consciously decide to make that change.

  • @Elle,

    Thanks for your response on the zoom scrolling.  I have to say that isn't intuitive to have the scroll bar located on another chart which is some way below - and on my MacBook Air screen not normally visible when I am looking at the zoomed pace chart.  As i have no interest in elevation it would not occur to me to look at the elevation chart.  To me the intuitive interface for any chart, such as the zoomed pace chart, should be to be scrollable from the chart itself.

    Just my opinion of course.

  • I hesitate to call this an upgrade because it seems to have removed quite a bit of functionality.  Sure, the graphs look a lot nicer but they are aren't as useful as before.

    The main request from me would be to add back the functionality to allow you to select part of the run and get stats for that without needing a premium subscription.  My runs always start with a five minute walk (physio's orders) and so I used to use the select function to find my pace for the running section.  Without this I can see me having to go back to mapmyrun (I hope not though).

  • Disappointed with the changes, clearly designed to force people to pay extra.  Without the 'lap' section and best efforts there is little value to using Strava and unless it is changed I will no longer do so.

  • I've just finished a run and it told me I had run my fastest mile, I used to be able to click on a link which showed me on what particular stage of the run I ran this mile, this is no longer available? it just get told my PB with no link? I would like this to come back please!

  • I get the same as Anders Fougner - the "Create a new segment" buttons just brings up a glossary page describing segments.

    This is in Firefox - I have not tested with another browser.

    Also I can't find the scroll bar on the elevation chart to zoom in on a part of the run, so it would be hard to create a segment anyway.

  • @Scawen Roberts:

    This problem exists also in Google Chrome v. 26.0.1410.64 m.

    But now I opened Internet Explorer, for the first time in this decade, and suddenly the button works.

  • If we're doing all the testing - we should be paid to do so. At least a discount on that Premium membership?

  • All they needed to do was put up a link to the new version while keeping the old version live.  Thousands of people would have voluntarily tested it out of curiosity.  They would have clicked all round the new version and given loads of feedback, so all the problems and bugs could have been removed before taking away the old version.  It's a simple idea that works very well!  :)