New Run Activity Pages

Please leave us your comments and feedback for the new Run Activity pages here.

Great news, runners: your new run activity page on is now live. We spoke to tons of you about what is important when viewing your activities and those of others, and have incorporated your needs and experiences as runners into this new page. 

Some of the new features:

  • Social Bar: We added a social bar to the top of the page, putting your activity title, description, comments, kudos, Instagram photos, and other athletes on your run front and center.
  • Sharing Module:  Easily share your run to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, or embed in your blog from the sharing module located at the top, left-hand corner of the page.
  • Key Stats: Distance, time, average pace and elevation are located between the Social Bar and Elevation & Performance Chart. Your mile/km splits from your run are located on the right-hand side of your activity map.
  • Top Results: Get a snapshot of your achievements for the run, including any goals you have accomplished, PRs for best efforts, and segment achievements. 
  • Elevation & Performance Chart: We’ve vastly improved the visual interaction for reviewing and scrubbing all your activity details. Use the cursor to look at your pace, elevation, grade adjusted pace and grade at any point during your run.
  • Premium Analysis: We've rolled out changes to the Pace analysis and distribution, including the new analysis specific to a race. Now you can designate a run activity as a "Race" and get interactive and granular data such as race splits and projected finish times. 
  • Segment Efforts, Stats & Comparison: We’ve optimized the Segment Efforts within your activity so you can quickly scan your most meaningful achievements. We display key stats of your effort along with your leaderboard ranking. And when you’re looking at another athlete’s segment effort, you’ll be able to compare your PR against theirs.

Some of the changes: There are aspects of the run activity pages that are not currently available, with some of these aspects scheduled to return, redesigned, at a later date:

  • Viewing the Performance Chart with 'time' as the x-axis: The new performance chart is set with 'distance' as the x-axis, and we plan to re-add the option to switch to 'time' in the near future (coming soon). 
  • Lap data from a Garmin device: Will now be visible underneath the Segments view in the left sidebar for Free and Premium users.
  • Segment Comparison: The ability to compare your segment effort with your PR and/or the CR for the segment has been removed, and will return after a redesign incorporating the features from
  • Run "Score": The run intensity score that appeared previously under the Analysis tab is no longer available, but will return when the calculation is more accurate. 
  • GAP for mile splits: We're currently working on our algorithm for GAP. Once the algorithm is improved, GAP split data will be displayed on our new Premium Pace & Race Analysis pages.
  • Best Efforts: The technology available used to generate Best Efforts was not up to our high standard of accuracy. Due to this, we will continue to display any PRs you receive for the next few weeks, but then we will turn off Best Efforts in its current form. Over the next few months, we'll continue to explore innovative and relevant ways to bring this feature back to all users once it has reached our high standards of accuracy. We apologize for this change.

Some Known Issues:

  • FIXED Performance Issues: We're hard at work improving the performance issues that have been reported. Improvements coming soon.
  • FIXED Hidden Segments: Hidden segments will be re-adding this week (we still need to add the ability to hide and unhide segments)
  • FIXED Elevation Correction for your Run: Will be re-added very soon.


  • VAM is massive and I agree with Kathy the elevation difference need to be with the distance splits to make it easy to read for the when I do my trail runs amongst us otherwise the data is largely useless and only useful if I'm running around town on the flat.

    I've noticed some OK changes so watch this space might not have to go else where.



  • so laps back today??

  • Great to see that laps are back and elevation correction. Thanks!  Please add average heart rate splits next to our mile splits as well.  Also, it would be nice to see them in the first summary screen in "laps" shown next to the elevation % like it used to be. 

  • Hello Strava users,

    We want to apologize for how we've handled some of the details around our recent run release. 

    1) We should have phased all of you onto the new page more slowly while we worked out some of the bugs and details. In the future we will do a better job, I promise. For the meantime, we are continuing to work on the performance of the page and elevation correction is back as of this morning. 

    2) As for lap functionality - we have restored basic lap functionality for all users (free & premium) and will continue working on our Premium Workout View that we're confident will change the way you analyze your runs. Removing basic lap functionality was a miscalculation on my part and I apologize for the delay in getting the data back to you.

    Beyond these two issues, we're confident we've made a change for the better and will bring features back in better ways when we're confident in how they work. Change is often disorienting and we appreciate your loyalty as we strive to create innovative experiences for runners.

    - The Strava Product Team

  • Thank you Elle

  • Elle, Thanks for a reply to all the comments. I personally find your reply has some positive aspects but read the last bit with dismay. Basically you appear to be saying that apart from the bugs and the omission of laps everything else is fine and then go on to effectively dismiss all the other comments in a couple of lines.

    I work in software development and are responsible for designing and testing user interfaces for technical applications  for ease of use and collating feedback from users to identify issues and common strands of criticism. I have rarely seen such commonality in the strand of comments regarding the general usability of the new interface. The issues appear to be 1) The bugs - they appear at first glance to have been dealt with. Enough said. 2) The omission of features which paying users were generally happy with and would wish to retain. This seems to be a popular issue and has only been addressed in a few cases. 3) The general usability. This seems to still be a big issue. Even the new laps screen requires each lap to be clicked in turn to see the laps statistics. This could be easily incorporated into the laps list as 2 more columns. Generally the old design was very efficient for a UI point of view but the new one is very inefficient requiring lots of clicking and shuttling backwards and forwards. 

    Bearing in mind the level of comment surely it warrants more than a couple of lines to explain why you are dismissing lots of concurring views and suggestions from committed users. You often refer to a Strava community but currently are acting more like a marketing department just wanting users to shut up just do as they are told.

  • While I'm relieved to see the return of most of the features I enjoyed as a premium member of Strava -- currently in my second paid-upfront year -- I am sorry to say that my general feeling about the company has changed.

    I have been a vociferous advocate of Strava both in and out of my amateur-athlete circles. I've even been known to strike up conversations with other runners on the trail, especially if I see them with a Garmin device. I always ask, "Do you use Strava?" I bore any friend (new or old) who merely hints at an interest in endurance sports with my tales of trying to beat PRs and CRs and the anticipation with which I upload my workouts -- hungry to see all my achievements. I've struck up friendly rivalries with athletes that I've never even met in person -- always hoping to coincidentally cross their paths on any one of the segments we both run. I annoy (or shame) the hell out of my sedentary Facebook friends by posting my workouts there for all to see. I'm a walking Strava advertisement, and I *pay you* for the privilege.

    I have been a model of what social marketers call "an engaged user with influence" -- a jackpot for growth, and exactly what platform developers crave. You guys nailed me from the beginning, and I willingly followed your siren call.

    But all that changed this week.

    I no longer plan to seek a refund or cancel my already-paid membership now, but I'll give it really a hard second thought when I come up for renewal in November. I know my lousy $60 is meaningless to you. The important thing that you've lost is my passion for your product. I'm still a user -- engaged, even -- but I no longer have the the kind of excitement that makes me want to spend my social influence on your behalf.

    Trust me, I really want to. But I'm not sure I can trust you anymore.

    I don't mind the new look so much -- I actually kind of like it, and I definitely could get used to it. But the UI is a major step backward; it's less intuitive, requires more effort to function, and came with little to no instruction. I won't belabor the points that have been exhausted here so far.

    It's not that I want the old Strava back -- change is a good thing. I want back the relationship I had with you until a week ago.

  • Brett, so well said.  I too want the old relationship back, AND the old Strava run page.  

    Elle, I am really hoping for elevation per mile by Saturday for the Diablo 50K.  Any chance of it happening?

  • What I love about the currents Cycling (old Run) page is the way all the segments are laid out under the map, with all the stats 'Cat / Dist / Elv / Speed / Power / VAM / HR / Time' visible - just one click away from the dashboard and then just one further click to a leaderboard.

    On the new Run page, first I have to click once to see the list of segments; then all I see is 'Time' and first segment's details - I then have to individually click through every segment to see any stats, other than 'Time', for a given segment. It's now 4 clicks from dashboard to leaderboard.

    Some rides, for instance in Richmond Park in London, pick up hundreds of segments - that's a lot of clicking to see efforts on each segment. At the moment it's just a glance down the list and a click onto 'Hidden Segments'.

    Cyclists love segment stats and love the leaderboards, please don't make them frustrating to access like this.

  • "1) We should have phased all of you onto the new page more slowly while we worked out some of the bugs and details. In the future we will do a better job, I promise. For the meantime, we are continuing to work on the performance of the page and elevation correction is back as of this morning. "


    Elle, please read this post carefully and tell the rest of the Strava team because this is important. Number one is not that you rolled out changes too fast, or that you changed too much. Number 1 on things that Strava did wrong in this incident is not testing the code before going public. This is the most important thing in software development, and one that you have all clearly ignored. It's simply not possible that you could have missed the issues that every other user of the service has had. Next time someone on the team has an idea, follow this simple list:

    1. Ask the community what we think of the idea - this doesn't have to be public, you have a PM system

    2. write the code

    3. TEST the code

    4. Test the code more thoroughly, you should have unit testing in place to try out every single feature on a range of devices and browsers. If you don't, ask the community for help and set up a for this purpose.

    5. Deploy the code

    6. If hundreds of people tell you it's not ready, ROLL BACK IMMEDIATELY, appologise, work out what went wrong and then redeploy.

    7. Enjoy the explosive growth you have been used to without the worry associated with this self destructive methodology you're using. I assume someone at the office is an advocate for "Agile" methodologies but not smart enough to understand testing methodologies.

    8. When one of your users raises a support ticket, ask them if they think the issue is fixed before closing the ticket!


    Finally, thanks for fixing this. It was handled very poorly and the site has lost pretty much all of its kudos as a result. Hopefully, given everything is now working we'll start to trust you guys again and get back to normal.

  • to echo David's comments above.  Look how other (more professional!) organizations roll these kind o f major changes out.  When they go live they offer the choice of using the new BETA look or the original for a period. That way you can gather obtain that no amount of pre testing can gather whilst not destroying the experience for the PAYING user base.

      I can only assume that there was no roll back strategy which is why we are left with this badly designed and half implemented UPGRADE ?

    Strava have now some way to go to regain their lost credibility......I only hope they have learned from this and DO NOT roll this out to the cycling pages.

  • From how I see the framework, even a subtle change could have been adopted. If uploads could have been entered as 'Run' or 'Run Beta' then they could have been adopted by some, and tested.

    The old architecture still exists as it's supporting cycling, and every other sport I would imagine.

    Actually, if I upload as Hike, or Walk, do I retain the old format? Does it give the cycling display? If so I'll stick with that until the Run pages are fixed I think, then change the activity type. Though I guess that would nuke my cumulative Run figures.

    Can anyone test this please?

  • BUG: When elevation is corrected now on a run, the elevation %'s under laps all show ZERO. Its happened on all my runs since you brought elevation correction back.  However, the elevation is showing as corrected  properfly on the main run overview page. Just a heads up....

  • I haven't taken the time to read through all 200 comments, so my apologies if these questions/issues have already been referenced:

    1) Is it possible to select a certain portion of a run (on the elevation profile) and have it "zoom in" on only that section, along with giving the pace, elevation gain and % grade for that section?  This was a feature I used VERY frequently in the old version but can't seem to be able to do it now.  Can you still "highlight" part of a run?   

    2) The "pace" line is pretty much useless in the current form, for a number of reasons.  No y-axis labels, a lack of logical scaling making it impossible for meaningful analysis, amongst other issues.  It would be beneficial to have some kind of smoothing algorithm applied so the minor deviations in pace (especially on trail runs where the terrain changes the pace so frequently over short distances).

    All in all, I am not a fan of the new interface.  Seems like a big step backwards for the way I use Strava.  As someone who was considering premium membership, this really makes me reconsider. 

  • Scott, re point There is a vague promise to reinstate this at some indeterminate point in the future. re point 2 ...agreed I suggest you play around some more and you'll discover plenty more of your favourite features missing or crippled. I'm currently a premium member and would strongly suggest you hold off for the moment...things are not much better on this side of the fence.
  • ****WORKAROUND FIX****

    All. My advice, if you want to be able to use Strava to analyse any one run, simply change the activity type to 'Walk'. You'll still get pace per mile, laps, the old view basically. Screenshots below; - Top half

    So upload as a walk, analyse as much as you like, with a website that ACTUALLY WORKS PROPERLY then flick to a run to get it added to your run stats. 

    I wish they'd see that it was change for the sake of change. If the original site looked as the new layout does, and someone came along with the Old look as an update, people would be going crazy at how simple, clean and intuitive it is.

    To be clear. If anyone is reading this thinking 'I'll swallow the premium cost to get back what I had. DO NOT. I just cancelled my monthly rolling premium as that too is junk.

    Hope this helps someone.

  • How do I get back to a run from a segment ? have I just missed the link ? if I click a segment time from myself or someone I'm following how do I see the whole run?

  • And once I'm there how do I compare my run or segment to theirs? Isn't the USP of strava the comparison?
  • And once I'm there how do I compare my run or segment to theirs? Isn't the USP of strava the comparison?
  • Is there any way we can get it to show exact distance when we hover over the performance graph? It shows total time, elevation grade and pace, but it doesn't show distance which I find just as important.

  • I totally agree with Brett above. My faith in Strava is gone. Granted, I'm not a Premium user, so perhaps my opinion is worthless, but I've referred a whole bunch of people onto the platform based on functionality which has now been either deliberately removed or made unusable.

  • Strava should be thankful that the majority of their user base (cyclists who have never seen a run page) will totally unaware of the updated Run activity page and this thread!

    Should Strava be foolish enough to release this downgrade in usabilty and functionality to the cycling pages they will have a major revolt on their hands.

  • David Edmunds : You can get back to the run after viewing a segment, by clicking the Overview button at the top left below the Strava logo.

    I see some fixes have been done, it's getting better.  But still various frustrations compared with the old version.  All noted in the thread.

  • i'm begging now: can you PLEASE put some y-axis labels on the run performance graph, for heart rate, cadence, speed? they're just lines floating in space right now, and it's SO frustrating not to have any scale on this for my runs. i understand that you can hover over the lines to see numbers, but it doesn't help with big picture understanding. it doesn't seem like it would be that complicated to add y-axis labels back like the ones on the bike rides?

  • I've given the changes to the running page a few days to soak in.  I really do like the aesthetics of it, (did from day one, it's the functionality that's the issue!) but there's a few things that still annoy me:

    Y axis labels need to come back, it's just wrong to have an unlabelled graph.

    Pace and grade adjusted pace should be on the same scale, so you can compare one against the other.

    (I know about rolling over the graph with the mouse, which is fine for detail, but useless for an overview.)

    I really like the grade adjusted pace because I hardly ever run on the flat.  Anywhere that the pace is shown, GAP should be shown too.  I'm mainly thinking of the per lap pacing.  It'd be nice to see for the segments as well if that was possible?

    All the above should be pretty easy to implement I'd hope.  I also _really_ want to see the best efforts come back, I always found it really interesting to see my best 1km/1mile/5km for each run.

  • Strava - Are these comments being judged in importance by volume or quality or requests? If it's the former, I think more than a few people would happily start posting once an hour.

  • - You've closed my ticket about Pace analysis not working - but it's still messed up.

    - Best Efforts is very important for shitty runners such as myself. I think a lot of entry level users value it more than fancy analysis stuff (should be an easy win for you). What would be really nice is a good way tro track you progress over time when you are trying to get in shape.

  • Seriously disappointed in this "upgrade". I regret purchasing a premium membership now. The sole reason for me purchasing premium was to "invest" in Strava (I don't use a heart rate strap so it's kind of pointless to be premium) and now you have taken away the two things I enjoy about Strava.

    1. Best efforts at specific distances.

    2. Grade Adjusted Pace listed next to each mile split.

    They are gone, and so is my faith in Strava. Hope you do the right thing and fix this...

  • The pace analysis seems to have an error. If you look at it for my latest run :-

    at the end (last 0.2 miles) my pace drops to near 10 mins/mile when in reality I was running about 7min30s /mile as per the last 2 miles of the run. I've no idea why your tool has me slowing at the end so dramitically.

    I echo what most are saying about these updates. It was so much better as it was before as you've removed so many features I used to like. Can you not look at the last 2 weeks as an unsuccessful beta test and put things back how everyone seemed to like them?

  • Has the Best Effort feature been switched off already?  Looking at my latest run ( I can see that I've beaten my best 5k time by at least a minute (for example, the time taken from 0.5k to 5.5k is less than the 31:12 shown as my best 5k time, and is uphill).  However, no achievement has been recorded.  Does this mean that PRs have now gone from Strava?

    The only way I realised I'd beaten my time is that I've started uploading GPX data into Endomondo.  It's a real shame to have to use Strava's competitor to get a basic functionality and a fairly damning indictment of your 'upgrade' that apparently was based on 'listening to runner feedback'.  A basic functionality that, as a beginner runner, I find incredibly helpful and a key way of motivating myself while I come back from a long-term injury.  Please please please bring this feature back.  I'd recently bought an HRM and was planning to upgrade to Premium.  However, since you vandalised your own running pages I'm more likely to purchase from Endomondo than Strava at the minute.