New Run Activity Pages

Please leave us your comments and feedback for the new Run Activity pages here.

Great news, runners: your new run activity page on is now live. We spoke to tons of you about what is important when viewing your activities and those of others, and have incorporated your needs and experiences as runners into this new page. 

Some of the new features:

  • Social Bar: We added a social bar to the top of the page, putting your activity title, description, comments, kudos, Instagram photos, and other athletes on your run front and center.
  • Sharing Module:  Easily share your run to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, or embed in your blog from the sharing module located at the top, left-hand corner of the page.
  • Key Stats: Distance, time, average pace and elevation are located between the Social Bar and Elevation & Performance Chart. Your mile/km splits from your run are located on the right-hand side of your activity map.
  • Top Results: Get a snapshot of your achievements for the run, including any goals you have accomplished, PRs for best efforts, and segment achievements. 
  • Elevation & Performance Chart: We’ve vastly improved the visual interaction for reviewing and scrubbing all your activity details. Use the cursor to look at your pace, elevation, grade adjusted pace and grade at any point during your run.
  • Premium Analysis: We've rolled out changes to the Pace analysis and distribution, including the new analysis specific to a race. Now you can designate a run activity as a "Race" and get interactive and granular data such as race splits and projected finish times. 
  • Segment Efforts, Stats & Comparison: We’ve optimized the Segment Efforts within your activity so you can quickly scan your most meaningful achievements. We display key stats of your effort along with your leaderboard ranking. And when you’re looking at another athlete’s segment effort, you’ll be able to compare your PR against theirs.

Some of the changes: There are aspects of the run activity pages that are not currently available, with some of these aspects scheduled to return, redesigned, at a later date:

  • Viewing the Performance Chart with 'time' as the x-axis: The new performance chart is set with 'distance' as the x-axis, and we plan to re-add the option to switch to 'time' in the near future (coming soon). 
  • Lap data from a Garmin device: Will now be visible underneath the Segments view in the left sidebar for Free and Premium users.
  • Segment Comparison: The ability to compare your segment effort with your PR and/or the CR for the segment has been removed, and will return after a redesign incorporating the features from
  • Run "Score": The run intensity score that appeared previously under the Analysis tab is no longer available, but will return when the calculation is more accurate. 
  • GAP for mile splits: We're currently working on our algorithm for GAP. Once the algorithm is improved, GAP split data will be displayed on our new Premium Pace & Race Analysis pages.
  • Best Efforts: The technology available used to generate Best Efforts was not up to our high standard of accuracy. Due to this, we will continue to display any PRs you receive for the next few weeks, but then we will turn off Best Efforts in its current form. Over the next few months, we'll continue to explore innovative and relevant ways to bring this feature back to all users once it has reached our high standards of accuracy. We apologize for this change.

Some Known Issues:

  • FIXED Performance Issues: We're hard at work improving the performance issues that have been reported. Improvements coming soon.
  • FIXED Hidden Segments: Hidden segments will be re-adding this week (we still need to add the ability to hide and unhide segments)
  • FIXED Elevation Correction for your Run: Will be re-added very soon.


  • I've just uploaded a friends London Marathon run into Strava. Apart from not being able to see anything without clicking like a demented mouse chrome keeps telling me the page is in Hungarian and do I want it translating. Maybe this is a freudian comment on the new format. :-) Seriously though I have analysed loads of runs in Strava for my friend who is an ultrarunner (current UK Deca-Ironman champion) and this is the first one I have done for him with the new run pages. His first comment was - "I can't make head or tail of this. I'm glad you paid for premium and not me". Strava was built up by word of mouth and can also easily die by word of mouth.

  • Just tried analysing a long run in Strava for the first time since the 'upgrade'. I have previously commented I thought the new pages would be a pain to use and now I can confirm that. The biggest issue is the amount of clicking it takes to review segments. Previously it took zero clicks to scan several fields of summary information for each segment now it takes a click to list segments (with only the total time shown) and then another click on each segment to see the pace/details. It is a complete pain. This structure feels that it has been written by programmers (it is very hierarchical like programmers think) rather than being designed by a runner. Please make the development team do a run and then analyse it using the old and the new method. I have now gone back to Sporttracks but feel really let down by Strava which really motivated me back into running. PLEASE RETHINK BEFORE DOING THIS TO CYCLING.

  • Put this release back in Beta. This upgrade isn't an upgrade.  I'm going to evaluate your competitors to make a switch.


    You're not KOM anymore.

  • What have you done? There was nothing wrong with the run page as it was, and now loads of functionality has dissappeared. Not good!

  • I'm not happy .... graph scale is rubbish for both elevation and pace (when running intervals), very slow to display, difficult to navigate, can’t see where within a run I set a PR or other personal stats (best efforts).  Sorry Strava – no longer have any desire to analyse runs on your site so will be looking for alternatives.

  • If I will no longer be able to view my PB for set distances I may as well as just cancel my subscription and stick with Garmin connect, if you want to improve the site make adding segments a premium feature.

  • Ditto. Is there a way to export all the activities at once to Garmin connect? Won't be surprised if there is, as they have made it really unattractive for runners to stick with Strava. If there is not, is anyone interested in a script to do so? Would be happy do build and share it :).

    The new design looks great by the way, but it doesn't outweigh the loss of functionality. I especially regret the loss of the best efforts...

  • Change the activity to "WALK"! You can get the old Strava run layout back that way. Really sad that this is what we have to resort to...

  • I wonder what this 'site maintenance' is tonight at 10pm PDT?

    I wonder if there are some major changes........ I'm a bit nervous of the fact that the Strava representative has gone silent........

    Anyone got any suggestions on the best alternatives to Strava?

  • Not really impressed with the changes. 


    Would like to see HR/Pace listed on the y-axis, the "floating" stats are distracting.

    Map is to short, would like to be able to "lock" it at a preferred height

    On firefox (Windows 7) the status bar glitches, see attached image.

  • on the elevation & performance graph, it'd be nice if there was a scale for pace since it's graphed. it's a bit of an annoyance to have to hover over a section to see the pace when i care more about pace than elevation.

  • Strava - you need to wake up and smell the roses... the 'upgrade' was a complete flop.


  • FFS. What is going on with the silence? Comment on this thread Strava. Daily. Even if you don't say a lot.

    Who is running the show over there?

  • Have given this enough time to sink in now.  The old graph (still seen on the ride pages) is really much better.  The only thing missing, on the old style graph, is for the segments (visible in "Elevation" mode) still to be highlighted when you click on "Performance".  Then you could see how your heart rate varied with segments on the same graph (before you even click on a segment).  Other than that missing thing, the information it did show was shown quite well!

    The new graph is just a bit weird, with no y-scale, zero not being at zero, segments not highlighted, no time x-axis, it's very hard to read.

    Then when you click on "Segments" why is the map so tiny and horizontal, without any way to increase the vertical dimension?  And why is there no heart rate graph on the new, miniature segment performance graph.  And why is that graph so tiny?  It should be just as fully featured as the "whole run" graph (used to be).

    The addictive (and good) thing about Strava is the ability to study your runs and rides.  It is now more difficult and less fun to do that.

  • @ Maxim Moinat

    Yes, if you can make that happen that would be great. This link below is the opposite way around. The opening lines should be read and noted by the guys with fingers in their ears at Strava. People will vote with their feet.

    Really dont want to go activity by activity manually downloading. If you can work something out, please do.

  • @ Maxim Moinat


    agreed - would be very useful for me.


  • 1.) Lap view problem: Elevation value shown always positive, even for dh section. Should be negative, or better: ascend/descend

    2.) Lap view: annoying clicks on each lap to get two other data (Pace and HR). Why not shown with the others? So hard and slow to use that soon I will give up, and start using another service for analyzing my (and other's) run.

    3.) Lap view: O.K., I can see that the layout is the same as for segments. But names like "Lap1/Lap2/Lap3" are meaning nothing and should not occupy one distinct line. I prefer seeing more lap at a time, so that space for the unnecessary extra "Lap N" line could be saved.

    3.) Segments view. See my remarks for lap view. Extra time consuming clicks for very basic data that I expect to be in the grid.  (such as pace, HR and VAM)

    4.) General design: overview consumes too much screen estate.

    Look at those fancy Pace/GAP/HR switches with its data in three vertical lines. A checkbox next to the label, and its average value could be put in only one line. Now it has nearly half of the height of the diagram!

    5.) Splits: please put back the old informations (elevation, hr and maybe gap). Showing only avg pace is meaningful only for those who run constant intensity flats.

    6.) My personal opinion on graphs: I use them for overview (e.g. to see how my pace and HR sinks at the end of the long flat run) and at big zoom-ins. In every other case it is useless because under the moving bar the values have so much fluctuation that the information is not an information any more.
    I usually zoom in to select a specific area and see the _average_ hr, elevation, pace, time for that section. Not the current values.

    7.) Propose: able to set and remember for user interface settings. E.g. layout, HR always on, vertical map size

    8.) And finally, keep in mind that people are using strava for two main reasons.

    Analyzing their own workouts / races. Strava became a hard-to-use and time-consuming site for this task.

    Lurking into other runners/riders data to learn, get motivated and compare it. The social aspect. You made this very hard and frustrating with this release.

  • Even the running app sucks. Can't even save a ride because of a new lay-out

  • This is not an upgrade.

    I will be off to find another site if the old features don't work there way back in soon.

  • I ment the cycling app . today i couldn't even save my ride because of a new lay-out.

  • No. A new cycling app?

    That means the 'upgraded' cycling pages must soon follow. Holy Sh** that will cause a storm. Are Strava trying to destroy their site? 

    And why have they dropped their comments on this thread, surely if they believe in their Run page enough to stick with it, they should be prepared to defend it against the critique.

  • You must return the best efforts section for a run, it was why i would look eagerly at strava as soon as i completed the run to see how 10k times compared to previous efforts. I use Strava equally for running and cycling and if the ride page is destroyed as well i shall go elsewhere. Please, please, please reinstate the old format!!!!!!!!!

  • Totally agree with Jon Clark, though Strava promised to bring the best efforts back in an improved form. The old version contained a lot of inaccuracies. according to them. I never noticed this, however... Did anyone notice those inaccuracies?

  • Hello - 

    Here's some new responses to the questions and feedback on this forum:

    As I said previously, we're mulling over your feedback about the y-axis scales and thinking about the best solution. We appreciate all your feedback! 

    Thanks for all the feedback about the Best Efforts feature for run distances. The inaccuracies we saw included (but were not limited to): Bad GPS causing false best effort times, missing best efforts due to bad data (or elevation loss, stuck points), best efforts based incorrectly from a ride not a run, and incorrect summaries of best efforts on the profile page. 

    Eric Colton: We'll look into the bug, thanks
    Maxim: We don't have a bulk export at this time, but you can export individual activities as GPX. 
    Robert Vlug: None of the changes to the run pages should affect the mobile apps for cycling or running. We'll reply to your support ticket to follow up!
    James Johnson: We are also working on the cycling pages, but the changes we are planning are different. We will roll out the new cycling page changes slowly and with ample time for users to give us feedback. 
    Ferenc and Aaron: The issue with Laps showing incorrect elevation gain (showing zeros) is a known issue - on our list to fix. 
    John Pascoe: We'll take a look at the issue you're reported with Pace Analysis. 
    David Edmunds: If you click to view the full leader board of a segment, you can get back to your run page by clicking the "Back" button on your browser. Also, we've removed the segment comparison feature for the time-being. 

  • For a slow runner like me, best efforts is a must have. It's what sets Strava apart from the competition. Segments are fun, but lets face it, a 260 lb guy running 12 minute miles is not going to ever KOM. Best efforts allowed me to challenge myself in a meaningful way. I suggest bringing them back, and if you find a way to improve them in the future, just roll it out and implement it in a seamless transition. By removing it suddenly you have basically made Strava the same as the other sites I've used. 

    When it comes down to it, people go premium in hopes of MORE features, not less. You've taken away a solid chunk of features from all runners. 

  • Going to echo other comments in here...seems to be a trend.

    Best efforts are a must- when I get told I have run my 2nd quickest 10km I don't want to have to go into each individual run to see where the PB is. Clicking on a distance like 10km should bring you to a summary page with all your 10km times listed...which then has clickable links to the activities page it occurred on.

    GAP- was really useful to see, and would make the splits box more valuable.  This box could be made much smaller so you don't need to scroll after 5km split

    Don't need to comment on the graph- if you don't label both axis then it is pointless.

    Race intensity- was a nice to have.

  • I think the argument for removing the best efforts is a bit of a red herring. I think most users would understand that if their GPS data contained errors the results may not be accurate. Anyone using any sort of GPS should always be on the lookout for potential inaccuracies. The point about mixing up rides and runs is simply daft. Anyone is going to get a silly answer if they get the input wrong. Surely if you have just been out on your bike and Strava tells you you have halved your running 10K PB you may smell a rat and investigate. Some extra smoothing or error checking could improve the best efforts in time but the old method was much better than nothing. 

    As regards the graphs - take a look at Sporttracks graphs. Allow easy rescaling of axes to allow curves to be overlain or separated as appropriate. It really shouldn't be that difficult to come up with a graph with adjustable multiple axes.

  • The more Strava responses I read the more I get the feeling that nobody over there has any clue what they're doing.

    It's always kind of automatically assumed that a great product has truly great people behind it. The Strava team now seems to be the type that 'stumbled' across a great product - and it truly was great - by accident. The Strava platform carved out a very good niche for itself. A product that was intuitively social, contained exactly the right level of analysis and wrapped it up in a simple, clean, attractive wrapper.

    They tried to fix something that wasn't broken. Some things needed a spring clean, other areas a massage, but nothing on the run side needed an overhaul. It feels as though they've tried to re-invent the wheel, ended up with a square and are too stubborn to admit it.

    When they can't even manage to put a Y axis on a graph inside 2 weeks, I worry.

    I honestly cannot understand keeping a poor Beta site Live when there is a fully functional site to revert to. It just takes the chronic p1ss out of users.


    Very well said Dances, and I suspect very true.

  • We appreciate all of your feedback on the new activity pages.  We (from our customer support team to the head of Product to our CEO) truly read every word  - whether in this forum or in your comments on blogs, Facebook or Twitter.

    I just wanted to clear a few things up about this release and apologize for the way we handled it.  We did a crappy job on two fronts - both in the way we released the changes and the way we communicated them.

    - The plan was definitely not to use runners as testers, but rather release an awesome, new feature in time for marathon season. We were over-eager to get the new race view feature out before the Boston and London marathons.  We started developing the run pages first, before cycling, in order to get them done by those events. But we released the pages too soon so that we could make the deadline and without nearly enough testing.  We were too focused on the date, did not follow our normal process and that was a big mistake.

    - In addition to releasing buggy pages, we released a lot of changes at once with little warning and without a dead simple way to see an explanation of the changes.  We do know better and we won't do that again.  As many of you suggested, we'll allow people to opt in to a new version when we make larger changes and add in-page instruction and tips.

    - Regarding some of the changes we made and why - we will never diminish the free experience as a way to get people to upgrade.  We don't bait and switch, that's not how we do things.  Our company philosophy is that our free experience should be absolutely amazing and that Premium should offer even more. We want both Free and Premium users to be delighted with us.

    - We've been releasing changes, bug fixes and performance improvements to these pages every day and hope you've noticed that many issues have been addressed.  We are continuing to improve performance and are adding back GAP, a y-axis label and split/map interactivity along with a larger map.  This new page format is the foundation for a series of new run features that will be released over the coming months and I do think that if you give us a chance, you'll be impressed with everything we have in store for runners.

    Bottom line - we will always be striving to improve the user experience but we won't do it like this again.  We are still the same group of people who care deeply about serving the needs of athletes and read every piece of feedback as though it were addressed to each of us personally.

    - Rachael (head of customer support and marketing)