Comments on segments

This would be easy to implement and could be quite cool, it could be done where only the top 10 can comment, it could be a bit of friendly rivalry or a way for people to leave there mark on a segment if it was a popular one.



  • Yes, I've been thinking of this as well. 

    What if, in addition to the comments, the segment creator was able to write a segmen description, maybe with photos? I think a description field like in activities would be nice. But then, comments would serve the purpose, maybe even better. Segment creator could moderate, everyone could flag the comments. Like button? Show the best comments first?

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  • I'd really like to be able to comment on all the stupid segments and segment names people create. They deserve to be ridiculed publicly.

    • Segments that end on the other side of an intersection. We know what you're up to KOM gobbler. 
    • Short segments. Who cares besides you?
    • Moronic names: Tempest, Tierney, Trinity, Teresa, Tamara, Tiffany, Tammy. Who comes up with this shit? Noobs? It's the seven sisters and anyone who rides Mt Tam should know it.
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  • Came here to post this feature suggestion. 

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