Bicycle component odometer function

I sometimes/many times log too many miles on my bike before I think about changing out the cassette and chain. So I thought you might consider adding a component odometer functionality that allows us to set the number of miles at which we would like to be reminded to change a cassette, or a chain, or tires, chainrings, etc. Some type of drop-down menu that allows us to select the component for which we want to set a mileage goal. Ideally an option for setting different mileage goals for different components. Once a mileage goal is achieved, we would get some kind of notification from Strava. Thanks



  • This would be really useful for tires, and for tracking longevity on all kinds of things.

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  • This is already a feature-ish. 
    You can add in what date you put on/changed a component. It wont alert you as to when you are approaching a mileage point, but it will keep track of mileage on a component. 

    Settings - My Gear - Current bike - Scroll down and add components and the date you installed them. 

    Just found that I got 770 miles on my front tire!

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  • Thanks for the info, Bob. I had no idea about that feature. I've added a bunch of my components now. It would still be nice to be able to input a mileage trigger for each component so we can be notified when each trigger has been achieved. Thanks again for the info!

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