Challenges feature for Mountainbike riders

The challenges on STRAVA seems to only be applicable to road conditions.

Can't there be at least a challenge for things like : Distance challenge for gravel track, Or Climb challenge for gravel track.



  • nice, it seems that i'm not the only one who noticed some differences between bicycle styles...
    i've suggested to separate also the KOM & QOM in two lists: the uphill (more than 55% of uphill) KingOfMountain and the downhill (more than 85% of descent) a new category.... KOG=KingOfGravity!

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  • it doesnt work.. theres no way to differentiate between road bikes and MTB bikes. The feature has been requested for years and strava still havent done anything about it. 

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  • I agree. Strava - how about some additional challenges for Mountain Bikers.  Most of the distance challenges are quite difficult for most of us mountain bikers to achieve unless you don't have a full time job or are a professional mountain biker.

    I love strava, i love the climbing challenges, I love being able to set my own goals.  Using strava has helped me so much with motivation, goal setting, confidence and accountability.  It would be that much sweeter if you could demonstrate some additional creativity for mountain bike challenges.

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  • Ouais je suis d'accord avec vous.
    Faire de temps à autre un chalenge pour les autres disciplines ça serait pas mal.

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  • Agreed. There is another suggested post for creating a mountain bike and trail run activity option. Please be sure to vote for this idea as well.

    Strava is only going to add in functionality if people vote for all the great (and free) ideas the users provide if there are enough people insisting on improvements.

    I guess it doesn't help that it takes a PhD-like effort to discover this portion of the website!

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  • LOL at thelevel to find this area, agreed.

    While I'd like a mtb challenge, I don't think they'd be able to implement it (well not any time soon).

    But t least a different distance challenge. for riding we have the (usually)100km challenge which in general terms equates to approx half of the major milestone dist (the imperial century) and the metric century is its own thing... for uning the big one is the marathon, so the challenge is the half marathon, fair enough, great, but then there is the 10km. SO running gets 2, a hard one and a a fairly achievable one... where the easier cycling one, like a 40 or 50km?

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  • I would really like this too, and it shouldn't be too hard to implement since you can specify which bike you've used. A simple MTB flag would do.

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  • If it’s possible for Komoot to differentiate between riding styles it should be possible for Strava too. Extra challenges would engage different riders and runners even more.

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