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The segment search tool really needs to be updated, and it wouldn't take much to make a huge improvement. You've got the segment name search box. Just add location and radius criteria. That makes it so much easier. I won't get routes in a dozen foreign countries when I'm looking up a local segment.



  • Long-standing discussion about this lack of feature here:

    Try following up there to show it's still relevant.

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  • I would love to see a better search functions as well... I know for a fact that if there was there would be less duplicate segments... It was just the other month I created a new segment only to have a friend recreate the same segment because he wasn't able to find or see mine after his run.... 

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  • I just found segments and how they can help. But then went to search and YUCK! My location apparently is a great name for obscure segments in EVERY other country. 3300 pages worth. The comma is apparently ignored.

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