Sync activities from iOS Activity App to Strava


Isn't it possible to sync activities from iOS Activity App to Strava? Read permissions for Strava App are OK.

For example: I tracked my activity with my Apple Watch Activity App, it automatically sync to iOS Acitivity App, but I can't see this activity in my Strava App on iPhone.



  • Yes, I'm looking for this feature too. I've searched the support site, and noticed many people has requested this feature in the past, and still no words/support from Strava.

    I really like to capture all my runs (and workouts) on Strava and I'm a premium user, and use Strava Apple Watch to capture my runs. But it doesn't offers all the metrics which Apple's builtin Apple Watch activity app captures like cadence and rolling mile.

    Would be great to automatically take activity recorded in Apple Watch automatically on to Strava.

    I know Garmin's runs are automatically synced to Strava.

    Apple watch is the no 1 smartwatch out there, and they are getting more and more popular. Strava should be supporting it fully.

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  • I use HealthFit from the Apple Store to transfer sync my apple watch activity into Strava. I usually run with both iphone strava and apple watch activity workouts running in parallel since strava occasionally malfunctions. In this case i delete the strava record and synch over the apple watch data.

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  • I have been trying to use Health Fit, but it doesn't seem to sync automatically.  I have to go into Health Fit, select the activity and then hit the strava button.  Is there some way to automate the process?

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