Apple Watch won’t move past “welcome” screen with latest update

(iOS 12.4.1) (version 115.0.0)

With the most recent app update, I continue to get “Welcome. On your phone, login or sign up using the Strava app” screen. Ok...pull phone out of seat pack, open app (already logged in) change on watch. Wait 5 min with phone open to app... Nothing. Cram phone back in seat pack. Use different app, finish workout, check Strava on watch- oh, now it will work. 🤔 That routine has happened a couple of times, but now it’s just stuck on that welcome screen (well, after TWO HOURS it finally went to the working app screen). I’m used to having my phone in my bag or seat pack when working out, and being able to run app successfully from my watch. The fact that I should always have to open the app on my phone ahead of time seems like an app regression, as opposed to an update. Yes, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app (a couple of times, actually) and we are at a stand still.



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    Please ensure that your Apple Watch is running the latest version. You can check this by going to My Watch App > General > About. Also check that you are running the latest iPhone iOS version as well and have no system updates on your phone. If you continue to have issues please submit a ticket with out Support team.

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  • Yes same issue with me - no change after installing new os for iphone and watch as well.


    Looking at the community this seems like a few people have this issue

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  • This is making the watch app unusable. @strava please fix!

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