NOT WORKING: Strava on Apple Watch not connecting to iPhone

I've gone through all the steps multiple times, but the Strava Watch app refuses to connect to and see the Strava App on my iPhone. It constantly just displays a message saying I need to install or logon to the Strava app on my phone (which obviously is operating normally and has been set to connect to the watch).



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    We're investigating an issue that's causing the Apple Watch app to prompt athletes to log into to Strava on their phone even if they are already logged in. If you're experiencing this issue, please follow our Known Issue page:

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  • I just got the iPhone 10s and same problems as all the 8 users. Never had a problem w my 6s. First class problem but VERY annoyed

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  • same issue. Just updated to latest iOS 13.0 hoping that would be solved but still no. 

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