Samsung Galaxy Active 2 (TIZEN) Strava app is useless

I got a 44m 4G Samsung Galaxy Active 2 just after Christmas. I have a Samsung S10 and wanted a 4G watch so it was the obvious choice, plus I knew it had a Strava app so ticked all the boxes. Downloaded and installed the app on the first day I got the watch and started to use it for running and cycling. Basically the app isn't fit for purpose, there are so many bugs it should never have been released, what testing did you do on the TIZEN Strava app before you released it? I've had instances of dropping activities halfway through, activities getting stuck (even though my live pace was still updating), the app crashing back to the start screen. Basically all of the problems that have been described in several other community posts by many other users. I've tried all of the suggestions like turning off all notifications, untethering from my phone, setting my Samsung health steps to an unreachable target, screen always on, uninstall, reinstall, reboot, stand upside down, on one leg etc. etc. and I'm still having problems with it. Ran a 10k this evening and it recorded the first 0.9 miles then got stuck. Frankly, why are we even having to do all these ridiculous workarounds to try and get this app to work? We shouldn't have to, it should be robust enough to cope with other events such as notifications going on with the watch - its an app for a smartwatch. I've deleted the app and will be using the Samsung Health app and syncing with Strava until you get this sorted. Really, really disappointed. This app should never have been released in its current state and looks like a rush job to satisfy the folks who bought the Galaxy Watch based on the Strava marketing only to find the app wasn't available at first release. Am I right?



  • I've had a few problems with Strava on Galaxy Active 2 TIZEN as well. Sometimes it just doesn't find a gps lock.

    I agree, it just has a feel of an app that's been "rushed out the door".

    Hopefully the next version you'll be able to:

    Remove all the options you don't use (I'll never be Nordik skiing).
    Know when the GPS locks (and you can start running)
    Countdown option to start.
    Alter the "current" pace distance (mine jumps from 8:03 to 9:something, with very little in between)
    Alter the layout of the screen
    Lock the screen on
    Choose what the hardward buttons do

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  • Still no comment on this post or any of the others regarding the TIZEN Strava app from Strava Support - why the silence?

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  • So 9 days on and still no comment from Strava, great support, thanks Strava. I've been using the Samsung Health app to track my runs and sync to Strava and I must say that in 10 runs it's been flawless, not dropped or reset or lost GPS or anything. Won't be using the STrava app again until I'm confident it's sorted.

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  • Strava - still waiting for any kind of response on the various Samsung Watch threads

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