Harmful User Generated Content

This is the post for feedback related to moderating and reporting harmful user generated content.

User generated content is defined as any form of content, such as images, videos, text, and audio, that has been posted by members on online platforms. On Strava this may include all or some of the following: segments, activities, clubs, comments, posts, etc.  


How to format your new idea and/or feedback:

Feedback that is actionable and constructive is most effective. When sharing, please consider the following when framing your thoughts:

  • If you have a new idea, it's helpful for us to understand why that feature is important for you and the value it will bring. For example: I want __. It will allow me to do ___. The reason that is important is because of ___. An example of when I needed that was ___.
  • Specific examples and details that illustrate the problem/confusion you are experiencing. For example: When I do ___, then ___ happens and that is not ok because ___.
  • Screenshots that help visually illustrate the problem. For example: Here is a picture illustrating my point ___ from above. See how ___ is doing ___?
  • An explanation of why this is important. For example: This is important to me because ___.
  • If you propose a solution, an explanation of how that solution would help you and why that is important. For example: I think a ___ would be great because then I could see ___. This is important to me because I have to ___.


If someone has already suggested the same idea as you, you can help us quantify the demand for the feature or improvement by upvoting the original comment. To upvote, click the up arrow on the right-hand side of the comment. 


Do you need technical assistance or wish to report a bug?

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  • Privacy controls for photos.
    My suggesting is if there is a way for the photos only be shown to your followers.

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  • Osvaldo—If your profile's privacy controls are set to "followers", your photos will be hidden from non-followers on activity pages and your profile. Keep in mind that in this case, your followers will still be able to see photos on your profile as well as on activities with their privacy controls set to "Everyone" or "Followers". If you upload photos to activities with their privacy controls set to "Only you", those photos will be hidden from all users on your profile and activities.

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  • I'd like a feature just like Trailforks where you can mark an area on a map as nature reserve, farmland, soccer field or whatever and it would be impossible to create new segments or routes there. As it is now we have one (1) approved route in a nature reserve but users can create their own segments that show up on heatmaps and then people are off biking where they shouldn't. And since you can't see who created a segment it's impossible to have it deleted. 

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  • I suggest that segments like this one "#Let's go Brandon!" are in poor taste, juvenile, have no place on Strava and should be automatically removed considering what it represents to some.  We don't want to turn this into a political battle site like Facebook do we?  

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  • Hello Fred Bacher we agree that remarks such as the one you mentioned have no place on Strava and take instances of harassment seriously. We're happy to help, but in order to better assist, please submit a support ticket through our Support Portal. Include any relevant activity or segment links and our Trust & Safety team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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