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  • Waypoints as alternative to segments and routes.

    I partook in the Coffee Culture Challenge yesterday, which is to visit all 15 branches/shops/stores of a local coffee brewers. https://www.strava.com/activities/846499114 At least a dozen other str...

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  • Auto start on movement

    I'm somewhat forgetful, and twice this month I have forgotten to tap "start" in the Strava app, realising it part-way through a ride. This lost me 15 KM two weeks ago and 26 km today. I had the app...

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  • Option to make segments bi-directional

    When creating a segment, I'd like to specify that its either the direction as I rode it, or bidirectional.  I imagine it would be another tickbox / checkbox with "make my segment private" So, a rid...

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