Strava, please keep your 'a no BS network' promise! Only show activities in the feed.

Dear Strava,

On your site you claim to be 'a no BS network', unlike other social platforms. But how does this match with the recent BS posts from e.g. Runner's World Magazine in the feed? You're not keeping your promise.

I understand I get these messages because I'm a member of that club. For me (and I think a lot of users) that's a direct reason to leave these clubs. Actually I just left the Runner's World Magazine club. If I want to read about my sport, I go to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flipboard or read an actual magazine. Not Strava.

Please only show activities in our feed.

The claim on the Strava homepage:

Example BS post in my feed: 



  • And now we have athlete blogs. Already stopped paying for premium due to the non-chrono feed. This is it, I'm done.

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  • Yeah, and they locked the athlete blogs thread to comments because they already know we're going to hate it. 

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  • I already cancelled my premium. I am watching and waiting. If this shit continues I will delete my account. I lived without Strava before, and I think I can survive without it again :-)


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  • I find the latest system update as a complete disaster not only for me, but also for my closest friends and the majority of Strava athletes/users.

    It's obvious which direction the developer's team is forced. Even so, the financial managers should consider the changes more sensitive. Otherwise, it is possible that all they sheep will go into the second sheepfold...

    (Sorry for my English.)


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  • as a "premium" member, i'm tired of the various bits of corporate noise showing up in my timeline. at least with my computer, i can rewrite the css to hide that junk but that's not possible on my phone. i want the ability to hide "athletes you should follow" and "beyond the activity" and other unwanted crap. i want to see what my friends have been doing and i want to track my activities. if i wanted to be on facebook, i'd use that garbage instead. fix this, strava.

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  • I agree. The new feed is a mess.

    Even an option to switch back to chronological order would have been the least strava could offer us.

    Maybe this survay helps, maybe not.

    I canceled my premium membership and started unfollowing serveral users to get some order back in my feed. 

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