Slide degrades the accuracy of the map. It's not ready for use on single track MTB trails!

I trialed Slide on the MTB tracks that I've been riding since 2011 in Nerang State Forest in QLD. The result was that it lost switchback turns and straightened out tracks that I know have detailed turns. I have worked on OSM to bring these traces up to date and be an accurate representation of the single track as it exists. Each time I ride a track I record a trace in strava, download it,and compare it to the map. After checking the traces of others who allow download of their traces, and overlaying them on the map it has been possible to adjust the map to be quite accurate. Most tracks on the map are accurate to date. Slide does not do that. it degrades the accuracy of the map. Slide also incorporates old traces that do not follow the new course of repaired or re-routed tracks compounding the inaccuracy of it results. My recommendation is to restrict the history of slide so old tracks are not included. Also, adjust it some way to prevent it from cutting corners and switchbacks out of tracks.



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