Incorrect elevation data for Auckland Marathon?

Hey guys,

Question for Strava really I suppose. I recently joined the Auckland Marathon Challenge and was checking out the course info. And the elevation data has to be wrong. The climb up and over the bridge would have to be the biggest in terms of elevation gain, yet the second half of the course that runs out along Tamaki Drive has at least two sharp climbs twice that height. And the road basically runs along the water; it's as flat as a tack. 

I'd be really keen to know the total elevation for the entire race, but there's no way what is shown here can be right, can it? How was this data collected? Here's the course as shown now, FWIW. Bridge climb starts at about 15 km. Tamaki from about 23km. Unless the race coordinators have built in an artificial stair climb I'm unaware of?




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