Leaderboard Gender Filter Defaults...why "All" for males, but only "Female" for women?

I suggest changing the leaderboard gender filter results to "All" for females, which is how it is set up for males currently.


When I first signed up for Strava, it did not ask me to select a gender. When reviewing segment leaderboard detail after doing my runs, it showed everyone's results because the default was set to show "All" genders. Pretty cool.

But at one point, I updated my gender to female and noticed that the new default when reviewing segment leaderboards was to show female results only. I was surprised to see that there are not very many female results to compare. Plus, I like to see how I compare to everyone, and the only way I could do this was by manually changing the filter every time I clicked on a segment. This got kind of tedious.

So, I changed my profile back to male so that I would be able to easily compare myself to more people. Not ideal, but I figured hundreds of results were better than 10 women. However, when doing this, I noticed that the results were filtered on "All" genders by default with the male profile, not gender-specific like the female profile.

I am wondering why "All" genders is the default on the male profile when the female results are gender specific? Does Strava think that women don't want to and/or shouldn't bother comparing themselves to people other than women? And likewise, why leave women's results on the list by default for the male profiles? To me, this appears to insinuate that women are not real competition, but I'm sure this isn't the case.

I think that it would be better if the default were "All" for everyone. I wanted to go back to just not specifying a gender to get around the setting, but there's no option for that. I just left it as male so I can see everyone's results more easily.



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