Add Private Training Notes

Adding a NEW text field for events called "Training Notes" or something similar would be awesome! 

I would love an area to record personal information about the Activity... what was I wearing, how was I feeling, how much did I eat or drink during the activity, etc.  I've used the Description field for these notes in the past, but since they are public, I would really like a new private location on the Activity to record this information.

Other possible names for that new field:

  • Training Log
  • Training Diary
  • Training Journal
  • Private Notes
  • Activity Notes

This would be fairly easy for Strava to implement... let's get it started as a Strava Labs feature, get some feedback, and then make it permanent! :-)



  • Strava, this one is annoying a lot of us and isn't going away.  If there is a huge software architecture problem in having part of the ride data private and the rest public, please say so.  Otherwise we assume you are just ignoring us...

  • Almost a year and a half since the feature was requested, as far as I'm concerned we could make the existing Notes 'field' just private, if I have something to say I'll just put in the title or add a comment to my ride.

    How many users does it take to have a request considered?

    Is Strava ran entirely by marketing now?

    Many people are suggesting Training Peaks, it looks like Strava is missing out on the opportunity to cater to actual athletes who care about their training plan. There are so many opportunities to make this super valuable tool.

  • This is one of those examples where I think Strava is really missing the mark.  They spend tons of money and programming resources on some of the really big pieces (Apple Watch integrations for example) but a task like this one could probably be implemented in 10-15 minutes... added as a Strava Labs feature and that would be that. But they ignore it.

    Elle, we love 'ya and we know you do your best, but we also know you don't have any influence on the project roadmap.

    What we need here is one of the developers to simply whip out this feature on his coffee break and submit it for inclusion as a Strava Labs feature. 

    And just so it's not like I'm always complaining, your new photo sharing tool (after years of waiting) has been a great success, so thanks for finally implementing that one :-)  This request is a piece of cake compared to all of that!

  • I certainly won't be renewing my premium account until a simple feature like this is added. I want to record details of an injury so that I can refer back to when it started and how I recovered. At the moment I'm having to create a manual run called 'injury' with all my details in there so I can find it easily. 

    This has got to be one of the easiest implementations? It's just adding an extra field with no GPS / time data!


  • I'm following this thread closely, and certainly appreciate everyone's comments. I'll do my best to push the request along! 

  • 10 days until my Premium membership expires. Will I be renewing, Strava? It's entirely up to you and your ability to implement this simple feature.

  • REALLY want to see this happen -- in fact, I'm surprised it doesn't already exist. Seems like a pretty quick win and would do a lot for customer retention! It'll get me out of Excel/Google Docs and keeping all of my data in Strava, which will go a very, very long way to keeping me (and I'm sure others) around... fingers crossed that we see this feature soon.

  • Don't hold your breath, Kayla. I dropped my premium membership on 5/17/15 since Strava have been completely unresponsive on this. At this point, I'm not even sure if implementing this feature would be enough to entice me to come back.

  • Noticed SportTracks added this today. Seems robust, and includes features for coaches too...

  • I just noticed SportTracks announced this feature today on their blog and facebook. -larry
  • Bwwaaaaaaaah why does it take so long! You must spend months developing these new gimmicky features (local, running training plans) but can't update a few lines of code to allow private notes?!



  • I am using cyclinganalytics now, someone recommended it to me and I am very impressed, it offers a hell of a lot more than strava when it comes to analytics and training documentation.

    Also it offers, private training notes :D

    Its also a lot better than trainingpeaks, which I have also used for a while now.

    Strava is used now for koms and social stuff, but not for training planing and documentation.
    So after this premium subscription, I will cancel strava.

    Also - cycling analytics is 30 days trial period completely for free.
    So if you think I am just making advertising shit up, try it yourself for a month, it does not even cost you a dime.


  • I guess you can't really expect much in the way of "customer service" when Strava (or anyone) have outsourced their customer service to an essentially crowd sourced service like Zendesk. Such great potential. Such waste.


  • Yes, option to choose whether everyone/only followers/only me can see the ride/map/description would be very useful. Make it  finally posibble, please!

  • This feature is badly needed. I've been meaning to put in a request for it for some time now but I see the request had been languishing for months. What's the problem, Strava? 

  • This is basic feature and should have been added a long time ago. Disappointing. There is so much Strava could add to their paid platform, but updates seem lacking. 

  • So there's only 51 people "liking" this feature, I suspect Strava doesn't even bother reading these unless there's more than a 100 likes, or whatever it takes to make this bubble up to the first page of the "Suggest new feature"

    I am pretty tired with the lack of responsiveness and useful features from Strava lately, there are a ton of good things that can be done to make things better for people that are training/racing. And the so called "social media" features are also pretty sucky, so I'm not really sure what Strava geniuses have been focusing lately, but it seems like nothing good is coming out.

    I'll vote with my money: I really see no reason to keep my premium subscription (which I have been from the start), and it seems many others are seeing it the same way.

    All good things come to an end, I'm just waiting for Garmin to finally buy Strava and kill it like they did with MotionBased.

    Oh well.... 

  • +1 

  • I agree wuth Kevin Q. " I typically want the ride to be public for the social sharing and competing on segments etc.. but I want a notes section that is private for info that is too trivial for public e.g. heart rate monitor had issues after third interval, or too competitive advantage related e.g. feeling a little sick still going into this weekend's race." 

  • We need this now! If not we’ll have to use a second training diary (and possibly leave STRAVA). Everyone want’s to add nerdy comments / private comments that you have numerus examples here in this blog. This will not take away the importance of sharing! ACT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yep, I went looking for this feature today. Pretty bummed that this is not available. Please add!
  • I agree, this feature is BADLY needed!. I'm also paying customer and also in IT and I know how eary this is implement having done similar thing in web marketplaces. So please, be responsive to this!

  • There may be only 51 people asking for this feature, but it would be appreciated and used by almost every premium  member. This would allow the pros to post more, while keeping their most important information private. It would also allow more relevant notes by myself and my friends. Let's keep agitating until this simple fix gets done!

  • I totally agree. This would be a great addition to an already awesome training platform. 

  • Well, my premium subscription expired today, and I'm not renewing it. The lack of this feature weighted in. Sometimes it's the simple things that make the difference. 

  • Any news Strava?   I won't be renewing unless you can sort this out - its a trivial but necessary request. Difficult to understand why you haven't implemented it.

  • i'm going to cancel my premium too. no point supporting a service that do not serve the users

  • Was about to create a suggestion for this myself.

    I would love to be able to add a note against my de-load and recovery weeks so that I know when I'm due to reduce volume, etc.

    At the moment I keep this information in my iCloud calendar, but it needs to be in Strava with the rest of my training info.

  • I'm adding my 2 cents. A training log should let you track all aspects of training, including when you are injured or sick and unable to train. I know it lists you as 'resting' when you don't have a session, but not all rest is the same. 

  • Yes yes yes.  I keep two training logs which is nuts and now I find myself not keeping up with my original separate log in an old Mac app called Ascent because I forget or don't find the time (or lazy). 

    Ideally a separate field like description where I can keep notes that I don't really need others seeing. It might be things like how I felt that day, what I ate that day.  I don't add a description most times just because I don't want people thinking that I'm writing to share what I had for breakfast or how my groin pull is recovering.

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