Add Private Training Notes

Adding a NEW text field for events called "Training Notes" or something similar would be awesome! 

I would love an area to record personal information about the Activity... what was I wearing, how was I feeling, how much did I eat or drink during the activity, etc.  I've used the Description field for these notes in the past, but since they are public, I would really like a new private location on the Activity to record this information.

Other possible names for that new field:

  • Training Log
  • Training Diary
  • Training Journal
  • Private Notes
  • Activity Notes

This would be fairly easy for Strava to implement... let's get it started as a Strava Labs feature, get some feedback, and then make it permanent! :-)



  • I still can not believe that over three years since posting this request... a request for a single text field, that Strava has chosen to not implement it. It would seem to all of us commenters that this is an obvious thing that any training log should have. In the old paradigm our training journals were in paper notebooks and everything was private. Strava helped us change our ways and make our training logs public and share our excursions, awesome, but that doesn't mean that everything we want to record about our workout should be public.

    I would love to hear was Strava's ideas are about this, they are philosophically opposed to us having private training notes? Or they just really want us to give up and use other fitness logging applications? It just doesn't make much sense.

    So yes, long ago I allowed my Strava membership to expire and I'm back on the free plan. My training notes go to my calendar instead. Not an ideal solution for myself. Not an ideal solution for Strava. But... it's what they've chosen.

  • I see Strava went an added a "Hide from segment leaderboards" toggle on the app.  It would be useful if they could simply add a toggle (or allow you to set a default) for the description field - no need to add another field (if they're trying to save on space!).  Really is frustrating that we can't get a simple request like this prioritized. This is like a Friday afternoon change for 1 dev..



  • Urgh - I just searched on Google for 'How to add a text note to diary in Strava' and it brought up my post from about 4 years ago! Why make us use Training Peaks when we want to use Strava. So simple to implement. 

    So, in summary - I would like to be able to add a note to the training calendar to indicate the onset of injury or other significant events that impact my training. 



  • 100th request for a private note function. Can someone from Strava please let us know what kind of threshold we need to reach to get this done? Thanks!

  • What are we at now? 426 requests for this?

  • Would be really useful if I could add notes to training log to say why I havent trained, if I was on holiday, ill, injured or what have you... would this be possible

  • I have seen the youtuber harry runs who seems to have notes in his training log for the month, does anyone know how this is done?

    See 6mins in this video for an example:

    Thanks in advance!

  • These aren't notes as such (assuming you're talking about the writing on the right) but his races. If you list an activity as a race it will appear there. I use this as a work around for listing injuries. I'll as a manual activity and just call it INJURY then post it as a race - then I can see in which month I got injured. 

    Ugly and easily fixed with private training notes!


  • Rob Hasler, Thanks.

    While not very elegant; the creating of a manual activity and marking it as Injured, Rest, or whatever is a fine work around. I just have to remember to mark them as private. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the responses Gents.

  • That works but is very very clunky - about 10 key strokes before you get to write anything!    Come on Strava - this is pretty straightforward!

  • +1

  • yes please  x 100000

    Been looking for a simple way to turn strava into a personal training record and the data is great but private notes are needed.  I want to love strava and give them my money every month.


  • it's just a big 'ol database....this function can't be that difficult to do on the backend....



  • also, after this, simple to implement and should cover multi sport to allow say stretching notes to go up.. muscle groups could be monitored for fatigue stiffness on a rough scale...

  • I am still so surprised this isn't a feature. As many others have written, I really want to add other details about my ride or run that I don't wish to be public in the title or description field. 

  • Can you believe I added this simple feature request four years ago on this date?!

    When I started using Strava, it really transformed my running, added little encouragments and challenges, helped me make friends in my area, etc. But I wanted to record private training notes... like how warm was I wearing certain clothing when it was 20°F outside. I didn't want those details on my public notes for the run, just wasn't information other people needed to know about, but would be helpful to me in the future.

    But alas, Strava thought it was more important to focus on heat maps, fancy year-end videos or other marketing details, rather than focusing on what athletes wanted.

    I quit paying for Strava Premium a few years later, and now I hardly use Strava at all. I'm not saying it's just because they didn't implement this feature, but it certainly played a role.

    Four years and they haven't been able to implement a single text field, or even just a check box to make the notes private for a single activity. Agile development? Not Strava. There is so much more competition in the fitness tracking world now compared to four years ago when this request was posted.

    Thanks for the support on this request, 120 votes as of this anniversary. It's just too bad nobody was listening.

    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.

  • seems painfully obvious as a feature and easy to implement.

    It's the only reason I don't really use strava.  I want to be able to keep private notes on a workout.  Simple

  • I would love to see a private notes section added to Strava. 

  • Are you serious Strava? Are you listening to your users at all? PLEASE ADD THIS PRIVATE TRAINING NOTE FIELD!!! This request is now almost 4 (FOUR) years old...

    Many here are premium users (me as well). Please do not forget who is paying your pay checks and listen to us...



  • I agree with this request, it would be very useful. And even better if the notes would be searchable. Like: "when again did I change my tyres?" i look up "new tires" and the ride with the note "new tires" comes up. And if I were Strava I would make this a Premium feature. I'm currently testing the free one month Premium and there's not much incentive to keep it.

  • I too want a simple little notes feature that I can add as a private note to myself.  It wouldn't need to be more than about 100 characters.

  • I totally agree this should be a thing! Nobody but me wants to know how my calf injury reacted to a 'first day back' training run - and when I look back at my recovery rate years later I have a log as to how much rest I had, how certain injuries responded etc. Would be great to have this on strava along with my run so I can check back - but that's info nobody but I am interested in so making that public is madness - just a private field - that's all we ask! How complicated can it be Strava! It's surely a mandatory function for the detail-driven demographic Strava appeals to...

  • How has this still not been implemented?
    C’mon Strava, sort it out!

  • I really love a lot about Strava, and have been a Premium user in the past, but simple requests like this that I created four years ago that still haven't been implemented are really frustrating. The good news is Garmin connect offers notes.

    I still like the community aspect of Strava, but for training logs, it looks like Garmin is going to be the lead. But I suppose I should be satisfied that Strava has useless year-end videos, global heat maps, training videos, and other features that I and most people will never use. But adding a single text field is not on their development roadmap it seems.

  • Cannot believe that this still isn't a feature. Always assumed that Description was Private, but thought I'd check and see. Totally flabbergasted to find this thread and that it has been ongoing for 4 years! This feature seems obvious, even if it was only for Premium Members. Come in Strava the Tech World moves quickly, please resolve this!

  • Oh joy, now I can add animated pizza slices to instagram posts via Strava #GiveKudos, but I still can't add private training notes to actually help me become a better athlete.

    Notes would have likely taken one person a few hours to implement, animated pizza and crowns probably took multiple teams and designers weeks of work. 

  • I voted to have this feature added years ago and I'm also surprised that we still can't add "private" training notes. 

  • Yep - also flabbergasted that this has not been implemented.

    4 years in the waiting for 2 minutes worth of code. 


  • If you use web browsers on PCs there are workarounds, like installing extensions that can encrypt and decrypt any texts on any sites. I use "Encipher It" for chrome if I want to keep my descriptions for myself.

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