Add Private Training Notes

Adding a NEW text field for events called "Training Notes" or something similar would be awesome! 

I would love an area to record personal information about the Activity... what was I wearing, how was I feeling, how much did I eat or drink during the activity, etc.  I've used the Description field for these notes in the past, but since they are public, I would really like a new private location on the Activity to record this information.

Other possible names for that new field:

  • Training Log
  • Training Diary
  • Training Journal
  • Private Notes
  • Activity Notes

This would be fairly easy for Strava to implement... let's get it started as a Strava Labs feature, get some feedback, and then make it permanent! :-)



  • This is the same thing as the ability to view speed instance of pace (another few-hours-type requests people are asking for). Strava seems just completely blind to what their users need. I've been looking for a good replacement for strava because of the lack of ability to have private notes

  • Yeah I've given up on Strava for workout logs, analyzing results, training plan...  I use Garmin Connect for that especially since my devices auto upload there and then have it set to send to strava.  Then I use strava just for social stuff to see what friends are up to, etc.  and check on segments (which I do less and less of these days)

    Prefect world would be Garmin Connect (open to non-gamin) with segments.  Imagine that AND toss in Trainer Road smart trainer workouts.  

  • Terminating premium membership as a mark of protest against complete disregard for an important request like this. Instead resources being wasted on random #givekudos and stuff :(

  • Absolutely! Private notes would be really good!

  • Thanks for your reply today Jess, we really appreciate the acknowledgment that this topic has been seen and added to the Project Manager's radars. After having this request sit hear for almost five years, this is the best acknowledgment we've had for it yet, so thanks!

    We totally recognize that a company like Strava has limited resources and has to carefully select which features they should add or develop. I think the frustration shown in this thread is mostly because this would be such an amazingly simple feature to implement and so many people are wanting it. 

    Year end summary videos, all the focus on the Tour de France, #givekudos, global heat maps, etc., are not even features most users want, but they get developed before simple requests like this get implemented.

    Thanks again, even though I gave up being premium years ago (partially due to this) I still think Strava is the best and it is my primary training tool.

  • Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your constructive feedback. I understand where you're coming from and honestly, I'm not an engineer so I have no clue the amount of time, work, and people it would take to implement a feature like this. The best I can do as the community moderator is proving to the product managers and engineers the need for the feature.

    As long as people continue to add their comments and constructive criticism, I can use this when I report back to the team. 

  • +1 to the chorus of voices here.

    Please add a private notes field for activities and also for followed athletes. I'd like the ability to make a private note of how I met each athlete that I follow.

  • Please add in this feature - as don't always want to share everything - some personal notes would be great - something I could go back to - if I had a good race - see what i ate - how I felt the week before - don't necessarily want to share this with everyone - and I'm sure they wouldn't be that interested in anyway!!!   One extra text box - can't be that hard to add in can it??

  • Strava - please see attached. Even Zwift has private note feature.

  • Adding my vote to the chorus of others who want this feature.

  • Can you believe that today marks the FIVE YEAR anniversary of this simple request?

    To honor this momentous anniversary I have just cancelled my Summit subscription. I signed up for a month just to see if they snuck this in as a paid feature somewhere, but alas, it wasn't there.

    Thanks to Craig for pointing out that Zwift has private notes, I'm going to go check that out and see if that would be a better option.

    I am going to get back in touch with the developer of Elevate for Strava (Formerly Stravistix) since he previously mentioned he thought it could be implemented easily.

    What other tools are you using to track your fitness and keep a training journal?

  • +1 this would be brilliant

  • Private Notes would be a great feature. Please add

  • Dan - did you contact Elevate for Strava?  

  • Craig: Yes I did, you can follow along with the progress over here:

    Elevate for Strava: Feature Request: Private Training Notes

    Craig, once you've see the screen shot mock-ups I create, let me know (here or there) what you think of them and if you have any suggestions. Actually, I'll go ahead and attach the images here as well :-)

    And for the athletes view:


  • Looks great - When can we have this featured. I want use this feature  so badly as I have to nail down my niggle / injury. 

  • Looks great!  I also reached out to Scott from  He was also going to consider what was feasible.

  • @Dan This is brilliant, I didn't know of Elevate For Strava. 

  • Glad to help, just trying to do my part to move things forward. It's funny, when companies don't give customers what they want and the customers start to hack the system to make it work... eventually those customers go find a different solution. Or, what sometimes (hopefully) happens is Stava goes "Hmmm, this is interesting, let's add it." and the whole workaround will no longer be needed.

    I used to think Strava was incredible... but I really feel it's falling behind at this point. Sure they have fancy year-end videos and heat maps, but when it comes to data, training and tools... they're just not so cool anymore. Remember how long it took them to even add photos to activities? Seemed like forever and it should have been an easy and obvious feature to add. I guess this is the same kind of thing.

    Totally unrelated example: Look at the Strava Apple Watch app... it could be so much more! For any user who's ever had a Garmin watch or similar... where are all of the customizable fields... maybe I want to see heart rate bigger, or a heart rate trend graph. Maybe I want to see average speeds/paces over a given time period, so much data that might be useful to me... but instead I just get time/split/distance and heartrate. C'mon Strava... be awesome again!

  • YES, absolutely need private training notes!

    Pls implement on the app and not only on web site.

    Used to have this with the old and now defunct Addidas MiCoach app.



  • For those of you that have given up waiting for this you should give the Final Surge training platform a try.  Their iOS app is fantastic and its super quick to add post training notes, rate perceived exertion etc.  Their beta website also has a great calendar view.

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