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In order to better documentation of a route, It would be nice to be able to insert Points of Interest or Waypoints, with name and description. Also the idea of having a set of icons for a way-point it is useful, so this icons would appear in the map for easy reading (examples of icons: Warning, Bridge, Ruins, Views).

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  • Adding those POI's would be very helpful. Especially during these times where most bars and restaurants are closed so a water tap comes in useful to refill your bidons. 

    On another note, since Strava is working on new features, would it be possible to re-enter starting points. Like when you use a route from someone else, or if you have created a route but decide to start somewhere else, that you don't have to recreate the complete route but just enter a new starting/finish point. Or did I oversee some functions in the route builder already suited for these purposes?

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  • Georg Lutz April 30, 2020 18:26
    There are no apps which feature waypoint/POI creations anymore

    To say not by Strava ? ;-) By apps you mean Android ? Well there are.

    Locus map has. Freely add Via Points or freely located Poi(way)points.
    Add by free name, comment, description, Icon.

    1. Via(way)points, directional *announcement @ navigation.
    Freely "ontrack" located Via(way)points, associated with a single trackpoint.
    2. Poi (way)points, omnidirectional **announcement by Poi alerter.
    Freely located Poi(way)points.

    * Free choice: By TTS or by Loud and Clear Morse tone (limited easy instruction set) etc.
    ** Free choice: By TTS or beeps or vibrations (settable) etc.

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  • has an excellent route planning tool that has features for documenting POIs.


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  • Insertion / Injection of waypoints is possible:

    Click and hold on the existing route and drag it somewhere else. At the point where the route is "dropped" a new waypoint is inserted. It is not that intuitive as there is no visual feedback until the route is "dropped" and it reroutes.


    POI (Special "Points ofinterest" with description e.g. water fountains) are still not available


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  • When I click to add a POI or Waypoint it actually just sets a new finish spot and extends the route back to the desired stop along the way.  This is critical especially for groups of folks that are meeting up at a location along the way.  Any help here?


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  • Yes please! The ability to add waymarkers to a planned route would be so incredibly useful. Perhaps a planned place to rest, regroup, or just a landscape feature that I'm keen to pause at to view.

    So many folk think so too, so I'm wondering why you haven't done anything about it Strava?!

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  • It is interesting that Strava already does insert waypoints corresponding to segments start and finish points when Strava route is synced to Garmin. So, at a minimum, Strava is already familiar with the concept. It would be great if Strava extended that to custom user defined waypoints on a route (those are also called course points in Garmin terminology).

    One specific usage that I can think of that I'd be very interested in is adding waypoints for aid stations when participating in ultra-marathon races.

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  • Would like to add regroup points on the map for group rides.


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