More Privacy Settings


1. An overall barrier to make Strava users' information and activities only visible to logged in Strava users, not to anyone with an internet connection 
2. A user setting that enables you to make your activity only visible to your followers, while leaving segments and achievements visible on leader boards.


Aim: I want my segments/achievements/leaderboards to still function as normal, but I want only my followers to be able to see the full detail of my rides. People who are not followers should not be able to see my "morning ride" with its map, speed, time, comments etc.

The existing options of either making all your rides completely private, using the "Enhanced Privacy Mode", or creating privacy zones, are insufficient for the following reasons:

1. Making all your rides completely private defeats the purpose of using Strava, by taking away the segments and other social features.

2. Enhanced Privacy Mode only hides the details of your activities on your profile page. Just one page! But ANYONE on the internet can get to your detailed activities (including all details, maps, comments etc). This mode is therefore ineffective, and leaves users exposed to possible stalker activity. Anyone, not just Strava users and definitely not just your followers, can see all your rides/runs and put together a pattern of your regular movements.

3. Privacy zones still expose you to people knowing your regular movements on the rest of your commute. Even if I hide my work and home locations, people can still see that I ride past a given location at a particular time each day.

This lack of any real privacy settings is a serious issue and should be addressed urgently.



  • Non mi piace che Strava non dia la possibilità di essere inserito nelle classifiche ma di permettere solo a chi è un follower di seguire le mie attività. Se non viene modificata questa impostazione chiuderò il mio account. 

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  • Add option to remove activity start time.

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