Fitness and Freshness graph for Run activities

I, as most use Strava for running and cycling.  I don't know the actual calculation, but the tool Training Peaks allows you to map your TSS, IF and training stress balance for running.  This would be a great feature to add in to help with training for events.



  • I finally cancelled my premium on the back of this issue, got myself zwift membership instead (slightly more than strava premium) and now my turbo sessions aren't as boring. 

    Simple solution people is to stop paying for strava, the premium features are clearly broken and not worth anything. Strava may listen to your wallets (or not)

  • Agree with all the comments about this being a major factor in signing up for Premium - and it doesn't work.

    Back to TrainingPeaks...

  • Been waiting for this for too long now, back to a free sub here as well.

  • Well it wasn't a bluff, my subscription went back to basic on the 17th.  I was a premium member since June 2013.

    To be honest, I'm not missing any features Strava offered since I was "only" running...


  • C'mon Strava, time to make this work already. Excuse is also untrue.

  • Since it sounds like Strava has no interest in adding this feature I'll probably drop my Premium membership.

  • As several people has already wrote multiple times, what we runners are requesting is not to develop anything new and complicated, just to enable the same calculations that already are done for cyclists (even with no power meter) for all activities with recorded heart rate, or at least for running. It might be those computations are less accurate for runners than for cyclists, but they can hardly be less accurate than no computations at all.

    None of us users can see what could be complicated in this, it looks like a unwillingness, like not caring about the users and ignoring their needs and wishes.

  • I just cancelled my Premium subscription due to the Fitness & Freshness issue. Maybe I'll be back when they finally implement it.

  • Still want this.

  • I'm cancelling my premium membership as well.  I might renew if Strava implements this, but probably not after seeing their response.  The original excuse that the data would only be useful for cyclists and would not apply to other athletes is just that, an excuse, and a weak one at that.

  • If you support fitness/fatigue for cycling based on heart rate data only, why would the calculation be less accurate for running?

    If you deem it not accurate enough, add a disclaimer. Most of us know that these are only estimates and most of us only look at the direction of travel of the charts, not the absolute measure.

    So, don't hide behind accuracy and add the funcionality, please.


    I'm cancelling my premium membership as well at the expiring datel, Because this feature is missing

  • Cancelling my premium service.  Once this is addressed I will start giving Strava money again. 

  • Seriously, Strava, this is a clear case where "something is better than nothing". Paying customers want this, and some are cancelling their membership and going elsewhere to get it. You're already calculating the "suffer score" for run activities... is it really that difficult to use this for fitness/freshness, especially given the fact that you allow "heart rate only" cyclists to do it? This does not seem like an unreasonable ask at all.

  • Hello - would appreciate if the Strava Community Moderator will provide an update to this forum.  Since the last moderator update on April 6th there has been a vocal reply from members indicating the requested functionality exists, it is not complicated, and to paraphrase "something is better than nothing".  It is extremely upsetting to see many people are abandoning the Strava platform in protest but I share their frustration.  Strava please improve the tool.

  • The Freshness/fitness feature was a big reason for me going premium, but as long as running is not included I'm not sure about continuing the membership.

  • Can't work out how to vote, but would really like a way to recognise the contribution of any running to my Fitness and Freshness chart, mostly generated on the bike. Occasionally I can't get out in the bike (travelling) but can run, yet my fitness level on the chart goes down because I'm not logging rides - presumably making the whole thing rather less useful.

  • Hello everyone,

    No new updates to report for this feature request. 

    We are aware of the feedback you have communicated in support of the Fitness and Freshness feature for runners. It is something we have considered in the past, but have decided not to do. We may change our mind in the future, but for now this is not a planned project. 

    We still appreciate your feedback, as it will help inform our decisions going forward. 

  • Shame....

    It seems Strava nowadays is only focused on becoming a cyclist Instragram or something.

    Which is OK of course, but people are lured into becoming a premium member with all kind of promises about enhanced training functions and once you've payed nothing is there....

    It would be fair if the descriptions on the site are updated then as well (for example "hope to implement it for runners soon"???)

  • I'm stopping my premium membership just by this.

  • Disappointed by this decision. It's one of the reasons I dropped my paid subscription. With apps like StravistiX promising support for fitness graphs across cycling, swimming, running and other sports it's difficult to justify renewing it again.     

  • Thanks for the news Elle! Just in time! Fortunately my premium account expires next week, so I'm going to buy Trainingpeaks service, Their curves are implemented for both cycling and running (and also swimming), I've tested them and they are working very well, however the calculation is very simple and I've implemented the same on my excel spreadsheet with the same result of Trainingpeaks that will be may partner for next IronMan season.
    Strava loses, Trainingpeaks wins.

  • Very disappointing...

  • Too bad Strava doesn't want to implement the fitnes freshness for runners.

    Want to start run more and ride less from next month on so my actuel fitness won't be the same  as  show in the graph...  too bad :-(

    Graph  worthless again..



  • Congratulations Strava, I won't be renewing my premium membership and will be moving to another platform that is caters better for other sports, such as Training Peaks, Polar, or SportsTracks. It is a shame as I did like Strava though this is a deal breaker. I am unlikely to come back to Strava premium as the failure to do anything about this important issue seems to indicate a poor attitude towards customer feedback. Good bye...

  • I still don't understand why something as obvious as this function is not implemented. Just like many other I won't extend my premium membership since this is one of the main features that is now worthless if you're not 100% cyclist...

  • As Premium Payers we have been strung along for at least 2 years now with the hope of having this feature added soon!!!! I am extremely disappointed that now we are being told that us multi-sport athletes, who have been funding this site, don't really matter!

    The reason I have kept my Premium membership is primarily due to the fitness and freshness tracking, but this feature has been and is still essentially useless in its current form. Multi-sport athletes need a cross training measurement for prepping for important race events.

    I would be fine with a simple heart rate based effort factor being used to adjust the graph for run workouts. It does not have to be highly accurate, as the graph is all relative to the efforts involved.

    With this recent "You'll get nothing and like it" response, I am now forced to migrate to another provider (probably Training Peaks https://app.trainingpeaks.com) that actually cares about multi-sport athletes and their needs and goals. Here is what your own website touts on the features page:

    Track & Analyze

    Track all your runs, rides and cross-training too. Upload your activities from your Garmin, Android or iPhone and Strava will automatically log all your workouts.

    It is unfortunate that the voices of all of these Premium Members has fallen on deaf ears. Apparently we will not be missed when we stop paying for development of all of the cycling only features.

  • ... and it is why I canceled my premium membership... 

  • Same here, cancelling premium when it expires in a few days

  • I've been trialling SportTracks.com. It's the same price as Strava, half the price of Training Peaks, and does pretty much the same as Training Peaks. Bye bye Strava...hello Value for Money!

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