Search or Explore feature for Strava Routes

Map-based exploring/searching for Routes in the 'Explore' section, similar to the map-based segment explore that currently exists.

If someone has taken the time to create a route, chances are that route is a better indication for a good ride or run route than popular segments. 

Currently, when I'm in a new location, I use popular segments from the segment explorer to drill down to activities to ry and identify good routes, in combination with popularity in Route Builder and the Strava labs world heat map. It would be nice to not have to create my own route for every location I visit. Local knowledge is the best!



  • I gave up with Strava and use MapMyRide or RideWithGPS. They have better mapping tools and you can search for routes. WHen I travel abroad I look up routes near where I am staying. Strava appears to only cater for riders who ride short rides with fast segments. A segment speed is meaningless to me as it god be part of a 15 miles ride or at the end of a 100 mile ride.

  • I'm new to strava and I don't understand: how do I search routes? I just made a new route, but I want to find other routes that are like mine.

    Well, I signed up for a trial of premium, I thought the feature might exist there. I can't find it. Just a simple route explorer would be fine.


    ...I don't think I'll keep premium for long without a route explorer.

  • Add my vote :) 

  • Another +1 from me. I always thought maybe it was just a hard to find feature, but it's clearly just not implemented at all.

  • +1 🏃🏻

  • You have my vote too...public routes without a search engine is crazy

  • This is surely a must have. I am amazed that some pretty basic stuff is missing,must be an easy update to make routes visible to all.

  • Hack solution:  use Google's "site:" search to find Strava Routes others have made public.  You have to know a keyword or two about the area you're going to ride in.  For example: gibraltar

    Copy/pasting the above into a Google search bar will find routes in Santa Barbara, CA which probably contain the famous climb, Gibraltar...

    Granted, this is IMPERFECT and frankly inexcusable that Strava hasn't made a more robust Route Search feature in two years.!?!?!?

  • Even the ability to search or filter your own routes would be a great start. I have plotted over a hundred routes and it takes a long time to page through them to find suitable routes when planning a ride.

    Come on Strava. I know you are busy but please please work on this :D

  • Yes please. When I go visit a new town I would love to find a route that someone regularly does. Recently it took me 4 days to find where a local bike shop route went. On my last day I found a hard copy of the route at a local shop.

    So a search of routes by location would be great.

  • +1 being about to see friends routes would be a) really useful and b) really easy!

  • I think just about every other mainstream cycing app has this feature. I used to use Endomundo, MapMyRide & RidewithGPS. I believe they all have this feature. I am now using Strava for other reasons, but c'mon; What is Strava waiting for?

  • I have stayed away from Strava for exactly the same reason:  I want routes.  MapMyRide has great routes, but its mobile interface is, frankly, is a work in progress.  If Strava ever were to develop routes, I'd switch.

    Back to MapMyRide!

  • It's just plain shocking that this isn't being treated seriously. Come on please, make this a reality.

  • Almost 3 years on and NO PUBLIC ROUTES ?!!!! SERIOUSLY? Dozens of people complaining, but no result... even for those who pay for your services. Pathetic!

  • Really poor that two years have past and this feature still hasn't been implemented. Agile development driven by user need? Back to MapmyRun

  • I stopped paying for premium this year. I have plenty of social networks that are free, and if all Strava wants to provide is a social network I refuse to pay. I started paying for TrainingPeaks this year, and have used it with coaching. That's a serious product for training and getting faster.

    If Strava could provide routes, mapping tools and MTB specific options, I'd be back as a paying member in a heartbeat. Till then, I'll give kudos and comments.

  • The add features support section of Strava is very tucked away, most people would never find this, or just wouldn't look. I think if Strava polled their users on what needs adding this feature would gain so much support that they would have to listen.

    I very much doubt Strava would run a poll. However I wonder if @Stravawankers on twitter might? If Strava saw the true numbers of people that support adding this feature they then would have to move it near the top of things to develop

  • Just started with Strava this week, found it very strange that this feature is not present. In fact, the reason I downloaded Strava was because I was visiting a different city and was looking for routes. Given the popularity of Strava, I thought it would provide this basic features.

    Disappointed. Will probably delete app.

  • A business fails when it fails to listen to its customers!
    I note that Strava now ignores this thread!

  • This is on our radar, but no current plans. Agreed it would be a great addition to the Route feature. Thanks for your feedback!"

    @Elle Anderson any further updates? 18 months is quite sometime for an obvious feature.

    Yesterday my girlfriend was going for a ride around our local hill. 35km's ish? There is no way for her to find this route. I have it on my phone but its not a few clicks for her to then find it on her Strava account. It could be so simple and as other people have said searching for a good run or suitable ride when you are travelling would be so simple and used loads.

    I am guessing maybe some kind of patent held by another company on being able to search for a GPS defined route? Something more complex than it appears must be holding this feature back!

    I have looked at other 'community new feature idea' posts and it seems 100 likes gets things moving on it.

    This 'New Feature Ideas' page is not easy to find. If Strava really wanted to gauge the importance it puts on new features then it should ask for feedback through the app and website rather than hide it here. I do think there would be some surprise within Strava to what needs to be acted on. This being a feature that should have been added years ago.

  • Yes it's a shame Strava hasn't addressed this. I work with a cycle tourism company and we had to shift away from strava as our main route tool because they lacked this feature. In a typical season we direct 3,000+ clients to download strava for their rides with us, but now we direct them to a competitor.

    shame because strava initially had our business and then lost it due to failure to implement searchable routes. Such simple solutions exist that it baffles the mind they ignore while they lose serious business to the rest of the industry that has already made this a standard. Get your game together strava!

    1. Make public routes visible in an index
    2. Allow searches in that index: text, distance from start to a given point, distance from end to a given point
    3. Allow user to like/save routes
    4. Strava gets a free and user maintained directory of greatest routes that drivers growth and engagement

    I am not a Strava Product Owner but if I was this seems a low effort, big impact feature that I would prioritise

  • I enjoy Strava, but not being able to search for routes is ridiculous.

  • Now Mapmyride and others are getting on top of their game with the training dashboard and KOM Hunting is becoming thing of the past because of electric bikes and "tail winds" I wonder if there will be a shift to Mapmyride just because of this prioritisation (?). .... Probably not..because the prioritisation was commercialisation and getting in bed with the Garmins. Easy fix I guess when prioritised. Just a pity those early supporters have to wait

  • +1 Please add a route search like your segment search. This has been asked for and expected for years now I see from this thread! Rightly so as without it the routes feature is seriously limited.

  • This is very poor, Strava you are not listening! Ridewithgps is much superior: finding other people's routes when you visit places, reverse a route to quickly get a new one, insert new waypoints to allow mods to routes etc. Also in Strava I can't see the road under the line of the route to check that it isn't  a track (I use a road bike). Importing a gpx fails, and converting ride to route gives an uneditable route. Ridewithgps does these well. After so long without improvements I suggest we all abandon Route Builder for ridewithgps and cancel Premium membership.




  • This is ridiculous not being able to find routes created by friends and are not "private".  It is such a basic but primary feature for most all types of applications... but not Strava?!  Nuts.

    Testing my patience with the "Premium Trial", but perhaps not seeing the value in paying $8/mo for something so inconsequential.

  • There are tons of riders and I'm sure tons of routes where I live. For an app that brings a social aspect to training and riding, how is it possible that the ability to search, share and download routes with fellow riders is still missing?

    I love using Strava, but I have a tough time finding new routes in my own city, let alone if I were to travel to another.


    Get on this!

  • Come on Strava you need to bump this up on your product roadmap. Surely it's only a few sprints of work to get something up and running - I'm spending far too much time planning routes and not enough time riding; and, if I do spend some time planning I want to share that effort with the community!!!

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