Allow users to change the TEAM as listed on the Profile page

Currently the "TEAM" defaults to the club or team you "subscribe" and is not a choice made by the user. In many cases the TEAM someone is racing for will NOT show.

It is requested that this be a user defined field vice a default based upon clubs/groups/teams you're subscribed to. Many non-pro riders and users are part of multiple clubs and/or teams based upon discipline and the time of year (road in Summer and mountain bike in Fall/Winter).



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    If you've joined more than one Strava club, you will see a selection box in your profile settings to choose your preferred club for display on your Profile. 

    Thanks to everyone for your patience and I'm glad we could finally make this happen. 

  • The comments above apply to me. I time trial for three months the switch to sportives. I am a member of three clubs and need to be able to change my team to what I want, NOT what Strava thinks I want!
  • I would like to see this rectified too. It has been an issue for many people over a considerable number of updates. I have not appreciated the view, intended or otherwise, that the function was intended for "pros". I suspect there are more non-pro riders - even paying premium members - than pro who use and are a member of ine or more clubs and teams.
    Please fix this. I echo an earlier sentiment that if my premium $ are not as important to Strava as a small group of elite riders I won't be renewing my paid membership.
  • When will we get a direct answer to our questions? I am currently on multiple teams for different disciplines but the team it shows is not the one I want as primary. This should be an easy fix. All we need is to have it set up like we do our bikes, that way we can change our "default" team depending on the season. A fix like this would be greatly appreciated by many.

  • I'm not sure anyone "monitors' this area unlike the forums which have Strava support people assigned.  I think, although I may be wrong, that this area gets looked at based upon the number of "likes" it generates from the user base (just my guess).  As you likely know I posted the link to this, as suggested by the Strava Support person, in hopes that it would get some traction and cause a change.  She did state in the forum that it was a simple fix, but I don't know that enough people care to make it a priority to make it happen.

  • As I posted to the related thread, in response to @Martin's question -

    I'll post updates to the feature suggestion forum when I have them. There is also a tag on the forum for "planned" or "done". There isn't a way for someone at Strava to be assigned to a forum (like there exists for tickets) but we regularly review the feedback from our users and do our best to incorporate it into Strava.

    Though not the deciding factor, comments and votes (the "Me Too" button) help us decide how many Strava users would like to see a certain feature or improvement. Thanks for your feedback, and please keep it coming! 

  • Elle, you been watching this thread since February, yet, in another post you asked people to click on the "me too" to gauge how many people are interested in implementing this change. After all this time you must be fully aware of the way this problem is affecting users on Strava why can you not go straight to the development team and tell them this needs to be done now, without going through the evaluation process which will be pointless
  • Thanks for your comments Alan - I understand that this is a big issues for all of you who have chimed in here and on the related forum. We are aware of the functionality issues with the "team" name appearing on the profile page, but as I stated previously the project is not currently on our list to do.  I've been part of recent discussions about this feature, and the problems (and frustrations) our users are encountering. We know the story and we hear your feedback.

    Even though this project may be small in size, it still requires engineering hours and design work - a project of any size will need to be prioritized against all the other projects we're considering. However, we'll do our best to address your concerns as soon as we can. 

  • I agree with the above statements.....this is pretty silly that we can't change this!  

  • I would greatly appreciate if I can decide if I want to be in a 'Team' and if so in which! The 'Team' Strava chose for me is in fact no team at all but just a group that pools all Canyon Bike owners! Although I do belong to that group, I am not riding for them! NEEDS FIXING ASAP!

  • Come on Strava...let's get it done please....

  • Elle, all you can say is;

     "We are aware of the functionality issues with the "team" name appearing on the profile page" but as I stated previously the project is not currently on our list to do.

    How the hell can it not be on your "to do list" after the feedback on this forum? I am trying to keep my tone reasonable, but you people seem to have lost the plot.

    I and many others are NOT going to renew Premium Membership if you cannot remedy a simple request from users. You have a short window to sort this, stop using excuses and get it done.


    I find this comment belittling of the majority of Strava users. As I said in previous posts, my only way it seems to register my displeasure in your lack of motivation to put this problem right, is to  not renew my premium membership 

  • Well, i have not renewed my Premium Membership. I do not feel Strava take issues like the emotive team membership seriously. I am an experienced IT Consultant and retro fitting a button to allow team selection is not rocket science.  I may review my position in the near future, but I am not holding my breath! Also I reviewed the Premium features I was using regularly and "weekly goals" and "age bracket koms" were not worth it. 

  • Its simply ridiculous that a premium user have no possibility to freely change its team, accordingy his preference.

  • In disbelief this is not user definable. 

  • Notice no one from Strava comments on this any more, probably through embarrassment. The situation is very bad and if more people voted with there feet from Premium perhaps something might happen.

  • I Have to agree with Alan,


    For a paid service, requests like this should be prioritised when there is a customer groundswell.


    Yes it is a change, that requires development and is in a queue of other requests that may be more glamerous, but from a user perspective this is a priorty.


    I deal with issues like this on a daily basis, and sometimes it is the small changes that triumph!

  • I understand that the focus of your current business is user growth, but bugs such as this should have been fixed long ago.  There have been quite a few new features and enhancements (i.e. Sufferfest videos, Training Plans, etc.), which are nice, but quite frankly, I never bothered looking at them because I already have my own training methods – I doubt user acceptance is very high for these features amongst your 1-2+ year Premium members.  However, I see my profile page all the time and anyone else who cares, can see it as well, so I think it deserves a special mention next time you justify a job ticket to fix the bug.   When people ask, what is up with my team name, I simply tell them that Strava tech support sucks, instead of blabbing on with a long story to explain.

    Also, in the process of prioritizing business objectives, leveraging your market position (knowing fully that your Premium customers aren't going to flee) is a pretty shitty thing to do.

  • Ditto - please provide ability to specify displayed team designation(s) when subscribing to multiple teams/clubs.

  • Five months and no update from Elle on this matter. Even if Strava are ignoring its members a progress (or lack of) report would be a way of showing that Strava at least give a damn about what its members think.
  • Strava's FAQ should read:
    To assure your race team is listed on your profile as your "team":
    1) Make sure your Club has selected "racing team" under Club Type on the Club Administration page - only club admins can see this
    2) Make sure the team you want listed on your profile is the first club you joined
    3) To make sure the club you want listed is the first one you joined, you may have to remove some clubs that are also designated as club type/racing team, then re-join them if you want to continue to list them among your clubs (so they are "joined" after the team you want listed - see how I did that?)
  • @Dean Abt: a workaround is nice and all but really it should be no problem to simply incorporate a drop down menu in the accounts section which enables you to choose the team or club you want to have displayed - regardless if its a racing club or not. Plain and simple.

  • Adding my voice as another PAYING member that this is a feature we want dealt with.  This is a relatively easy fix from a coding perspective.  

  • I see that someone else figured out the same workaround. It takes a little bit of time, but yes, it can be done. Where there's a will, there's a way! Here's how:
    1) If you're the admin. for your club, go to Club Edit, Make sure your club type is designated as "Racing Team"
    2) On you profile page, where your team club is listed, open that club page and "leave" (be sure to keep track of what clubs you've left).
    3) Eventually, your "Racing Team" will become your designated team, once you've eliminated the other racing teams (had to "leave" nine teams for mine to finally pop up).
    4) Rejoin the "Racing Teams" that you left.

    To the Strava Admins -
    We love our STRAVA. With that said - FOR SHAME! It shouldn't take an old geezer non-techy guy like myself to figure out a way around a flaw in your system, with what I'm sure is a very simple programming fix that your tech guys could remedy in a very short time. You have at least 30 members complaining about the same problem for over six months and you don't make that a priority? SHAME ON YOU! That's not the way to provide good customer service and make happy consumers. And yes, I pay $60 a year for the Premium membership. For two years now. It's the little things like this that mean a lot to us little people. You guys should have been on top of this after the first few inquiries. Curious to see how much longer it will take for you to make this a priority, offer a simple solution, and apologize for taking your customers concerns for granted. There's enough big companies out there that don't take their customers concerns seriously - please don't become just like them.  

    Keep Calm,
    Run Strong 
    & Jester On . . .

  • Asking how it can be done - I'm sorry, but I expect a Tech Support crew to grab an issue examine what's wrong/perceived as wrong and work from there.  I should be able to select what team I am "officially" racing with much in the same way I should be able to grab a group. Simple additional fields like a yes/no button as part of the groups race team would fix it, NOT the cryptic work around suggested by the return email to "tech support".  If I can't do things I want  to as a paying member, what is that payment getting me?  I'm not about to experimentally go through and drop them until I find that one, and even then, I do still want to track that team.

    Over 2 years since I made that entry.  Map my Ride and RidewithGPS are looking better & better for a tracking tool. They at least LISTEN to their customer base.

  • Thanks for the feedback. We recognize that this is frustrating for many users, especially with the current workarounds. I've gone ahead and submitted a case to our Engineering team to review and improve the functionality around how to select and add which team appears on your Profile page. I'll post an update when I know more.

  • another one echoing for strava to allow us to change the team. I'm not sure what's more frustrating, not being able to do it or sifting through every page on your account, thinking that surely this is possible, only to find..it's not

  • yeap, can we get this fixed please

  • Please make it so you can either A. Edit team name. Or B. Do not show it at all. The way it is now is the worst of all possible options. I have a strong allegiance to the team I race for and showing my old team is not appropriate.
  • What Lloyd said, this is not a feature its a bug. Selection by the users is the best option.

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