Show Segment Leaderboards sorted by "Year" on the Activity page

I love the idea for the new annual trophies.  However, right now there are leaderboards that show overall results and with the new annual trophy system there is nothing to show the annual results. I've received trophies and would like to know what the other times are that I'm competing against and there is no way to do this. Please add these annual results as a filter selection in the drop down menu.



  • EVERYBODY I know HATES the new annual trophies.  It dilutes the value of working your butt off to make a real achievment instead of just being the first guy to ride a segement every January.  I think it was created for those who can't legitimately crack the top on a segment.  What's next...a medal for participation like you get at marathons???  There are comments all over the rides where people are congratulating guys for so many KOM's and they don't even realize the guy didn't really get the KOM!  

  • Hi Tim,

    On the segment page (e.g. there is the "All Time" leaderboard and below that there is the "This Year" category.

    Hope that helps.


  • Thanks folks! 

    We're currently collecting feedback for the Annual Achievements feature here:

    There is already a Segment filter for "This Year" and you can find instructions on how to use it via the link. 

    Please add your comments to the feedback forum, and we appreciate it! 

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