Allow basic time vs. heart rate recording for indoor workouts

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Strava is a great app for most anything outdoors with the GPS unit and all, and is one of the few apps I know that graphs rate nicely against miles. However, there is one aspect of Strava that confuses me...why can't it simply have an option to log a heart rate versus time, so that I could go to a spin class, workout in a gym, or something else indoors so that I can plot my heart rate versus time?  I recently injured my hamstring and am forced to do a lot of stuff inside until it fully heals, and Strava lacking this feature just befuddles me; everything is great! The suffer score feature is a cool touch that I like to see after a run/bike.

If it had this feature, it would be my one stop shop fitness app.  There doesn't even seem to be that many apps that allow you to plot heart rate versus time, you would be filling a void in the marketplace if you had that feature.  It seems like this would be the easiest feature to do since this is how heart rate has been plotted for some time in hospitals! 

Is there an existing way to do this?  Have I missed it?  I often over look things (like a wall of hammers in Lowes I walked by 5 times!)




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    There's an ongoing discussion about better support for non-GPS recordings (indoor) with the Strava mobile app: 

    Mobile App support for indoor (non-GPS) recording

    In 2018, we plan to better support indoor activities so this request may get some traction. 

  • I would love this too.  Or even just being able to see my heart rate without having to start up a run/bike session.  How can this not already be in there?

  • This question is what is driving me to learn more about this app! I want to see my heart rate against time. I want to be able to even leave my tickr on to see how my heart rate fluctuates while at work or other activities. I also want to use it as a meditation training tool.

  • And not just inside! I'd like to put time on the X-axis as well for outside activities.  It's a snap in Garmin Connect. Should be super easy for Strava to add a button for this feature...

  • Well, me too. I just got back into strava and no longer have anything but a HR chest strap.  So when riding the trainer , stava is of NO USE TO ME. I thought it was just because I had the free version. Strava invited me to try the premium for 30 days for free. I was very disappointed to see that it works the same. So much for the PREMIUM membership. I'll go back to the free app....until I can afford to buy something.

    Strava, are you listening?  How hard could it be to graph my heart rate over time when on a stationary trainer? And while you are at it, it can't be that hard to show or toggle between AVERAGE heart rate and CURRENT heart rate.

    Off to google better training apps I guess.

  • Just repeating what everyone else is saying. Need a way to record heart rate for indoor and non running/cycling activities.

  • This is an update to a comment I posted last 21 december.
    The wahoo fitness app DOES measure HR over time on a stationary bike/treadmill. Upon completion, easily syncs to your strava PREMIUM acct. The Wahoo app doesn't support GPS.
    I use an Iphone 4S & coosport6 chest strap, YMMV.
  • I'm confused about this as well. When I am using my TomTom MultiSport outside for runs/bike rides, the heart rate information gets loaded fine, but when importing from Wahoo fitness (my indoor workouts), there is heart rate data on the desktop version, but not in the mobile app?

    Oh, check that. I see what you're saying. So the heart rate only gets displayed per mile in the Android app. So, presumably, if I'm not doing something with a mileage, it can't show that plot.

    Anyway, I'm in agreement. It would be nice to toggle heart rate per unit distance and per unit time in the app.

  • Still don't have a solution to this. I really don't get it either. Seems like such a no-brainer. Heart Rate Monitor we ought to get a read out of heart rate over time.

    The suggestion that the Wahoo app does this in treadmill isn't panning out for me. I used it and there is no graph of my heart rate over time.

  • Jorge:

    Re: treadmill, etc

    Do your workout with the wahoo app

    After, upload to strava PREMIUM (very easy, one click). The wahoo app will ask you to set up/ authorize the link one time beforehand. (Im using an iphone 4s)

    Then open strava app on tablet or laptop to see your HR graph over time. (Too small in phone screen)

    Even then, its not particularly granular, but enough for me right now.

    This linkage from wahoo will also link to the "other guys" rhymes with paining treaks. I suspect with superior graphing results over there.

    Good luck.



    Im sure strava will now cheerfully extend my premium subscription since I'm paying them to do their customersupport. 








  • Im nursing an injury too and would live to have heart rate for stationary cycle. Dont want to load yet another third party app on my phone to do it. I guess im becoming spoiled with all the great features of this app. Shame it doesnt cover indoor heart rate aspect

  • Oh an edit post submission option would be great here too :) *love* not mistype *live*

  • Please fix Strava app to show Ave heart rate and Max heart rate for indoor workouts. Could it be the linking from Garmin being the issue? Shouldn't be too hard to fix Strava.

  • Definitely need indoor workouts added to the app for the apple watch 2 (or gps on/off)

  • Use the Strava app on your phone, start recording new activity, go to settings and turn auto pause off. It will now log your hr over time.

  • I'll try this tomorrow.

  • It actually didn't work, strava needs distance for some reason.

  • Hey Bret,
    I live in a really cool climate and do a lot indoors as well. If I understand the problem correctly I actually have a workaround. After uploading your activity, click on it and then edit. Change the type from ride to work out and then check the box for indoor activity.
    Once you do this you will be able to see the heart rate plotted Against Time. If I look on my PC it works every time, but I'm noticing on my phone app it is hit and miss.
    Hope this helps.

  • Sweet, thanks Jared that works!


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