Dog Assisted Running (CaniX / CaniCross)

In my local area there is a reasonable interest in the pastime of running with dogs (aka CaniX or CaniCross), an activity I have recently started doing myself as well... I would still say I'm exercising during this time, however in many cases the dog provides a great deal of assistance to the runner (sadly this isn't the case yet in my personal circumstance) - which can unfairly bias the strava segment leaderboards.

Could another category be added to distinguish 'proper' running from that which is assisted by dog?


I've contacted the helpdesk who responded suggesting I posted here.



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    Thanks for the request. You can add your vote here to help us decide which activities the community most wants to see added to Strava. 

  • It would be great to be able to track the dogs progress as well, why not a separate category for dogs

  • there must be a way of logging the canicross runs as assisted running or setting up a different catagory. I could go out with roller blades on and start taking course records but realistically its not the runner doing the times its the dog.

  • I suggested this yesterday but also received the answer to post it here. But that probably won't do much, seen the date this was first posted. Is it an idea to post this topic in running AND canicross groups to ask for support?

  • Could be worth contacting canicross groups to put it to strava,, as a group or running club they might take more notice than just a few random runners
  • I agree
  • Good Idea


  • I would appreciate a activity like CanCross (or CaniX) as well as the Bikejöring (or BikeX) to be added in STRAVA.

  • Very good idea!

    I would appreciate a activity like CanCross (or CaniX) as well as the Bikejöring (or BikeX) to be added in STRAVA.

  • Hello,

     I also am for canicross category . Indeed it is very different from running alone or with his dog. The record on the segments should be differentiated.


  • agree!


  • I second a canicross category, as I will soon be running with my pup too. The search functions should allow you to know what your dog is doing though, so no real need for your dog’s own profile. However, you could do this if you used a GPS device for your dog (maybe get a TOMTOM or Garmin and attach to collar?). I just saw a company developing a ‘smart’ collar that has GPS/bluetooth/WiFi in it to track activity as well.

  • Hello,

    I would really appreciate Canicross category too.

  • I also am for canicross category . Indeed it is very different from running alone or with his dog. The record on the segments should be differentiated

  • A canicross category would be awesome and probably encourage a few more people to take their dogs out to go on a run to compete against other canicross times. Dog profiles would be really interesting, but probably not feasible unless there was huge demand. Imagine sorting by dog age/weight/breed. Things are a little complicated b/c canicross really is a team sport between human and dog. Many dogs are limited by the runner, sometimes runners are limited by the dog, and sometimes the dog just goes the runner's pace.

    For now, I am just titling my canicross runs as "Canicross with ___". Looking forward to the day it becomes a separate sport category.

  • Please add a canicross category to the run section. 

  • Now, I use the shoes (alias) specification on strava to register with which dog I trained.

  • It's true that running with your dog can mess up with the stats when it's tracked like a regular running. If you want to track activities with your dogs, I think Rundogo app is great for it. You can choose activities such as canicross, walking, bikejoring etc., and also types of activities when going solo, like running, biking etc., so it doesn't mess up with the stats. You can track yourself and more dogs simultaneously. :) 

  • Just had a couple of CRs beaten out of sight by a canicross runner. A category for this would be the best solution.

  • Old post I know, but posting here to bump it. I'm a reasonable club runner and run with, and without, my dog. I know that he's a massive assistance (about 2 mins over a fast 5k). I'm knackered at the end so it's definitely an equivalent EFFORT, for me and my heart, but I'm very conscious that "non assisted" runners are rightly annoyed by our position in segments. For parkruns too! So a new activity type would solve this, I think.

    John Sourbeer's idea of dog weight is interesting - there's an event near us that has weight categories. Maybe "team weight (hooman + dawg). But that could be a phase 2.

  • Sounds like a good idea thinking of starting with my dog & wondered how it all worked

  • Good idea

  • Also from gemany, good Idea because of the same Problem

  • I'm surprised that there seems to be no mention of skijoring in Strava's discussions. That's too bad! Like Canicross, Skijoring is a dog-assisted sport, so it really ought to have its own category to separate it from regular X-C skiing.

    Also, since skijoring is not allowed on many groomed ski trails, having a separate category, and have it searchable, would make Strava useful for finding new skijoring trails near you.

  • Can we have cainicross as a catergory please

  • +6 for myself, our dog and family who need to track dog related sports (canicross, bikejouring) ...

  • There's a few bikejorers in my area who are never going to be caught on the cycling leaderboards. A separate activity type for dog assisted running and cycling seems to be the way to stop areas with lots of fire roads having leaderboards corrupted.

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