Ability To Earn Strava Swag On Zwift PLEASE!

Since being on Strava and Zwift I absolutely love the community, the people I can stay in touch with all over the world as well as those just down the street. Even more, it's awesome to have a piece of Strava swag show up in the mail and badges in my profile. I'm hoping with all my fingers and toes crossed that there will be options for this very soon with Zwift. Since being on Zwift's initial beta since near the start, I've watch it change SO MANY peoples lives. Those that are unable to go out and ride because of injury, illness or otherwise.

For me, having a newborn it makes it even more difficult to get out more which would obviously be my first choice when cycling - it's the reason I started in the first place along with the health benefits. Strava gives me a tool to challenge myself as well as see how I rank with friends and others.

The monthly challenges have always been important to me, though I've only accomplished a small percentage, they do increase my motivation to get out and ride. The trainer should be no different. I can fully understand the fear of cheating KOM and QOM's as well as a few other things but there must be a way to accomplish this and have our cake and eat it too (VKOM or VQOM) V = Virtual. As a premium member, I enjoy seeing my badges in the trophy case and then gaining access to purchase the kit's for the accomplishments. I'd imagine this is not the first time you've heard this request - if so, here it is, if not - here it is again, and I do see it already coming up frequently in other forums.

Either way, thank you for considering and a huge KUDO's to you're team for working so closely with Zwift from what I've heard rumored. I'm grateful for partnerships like this and hope it's awesome for both companies as well. You've changed the way I ride, and managed to get me back into cycling after being out of it for nearly 15 years. Now I can't get enough of it, though again, I have dependencies, like most, which some weeks out-weigh my ability to ride as much as I'd like - thankfully the Tacx Neo, KICKR and Zwift resolve this almost entirely. Keep up the great work, I look forward to great things to come!



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