Development or Strava


I have a concept for Strava!

Zwift/Strava has given me the idea and I would like to share it with you.

Strava is something I use daily and you currently don't the features but it would benefit you and thousands of other users.

If you already do have some of the features and I have not spotted them then I am sure you will guide me to the functions.

It is cycling based but can be used for running, walking etc.






  • ... wow, kinda vague Stacey, though intriguing. If it's that 'top secret' I'd suggested getting a patent or trade secret before disclosing to anyone :D  (no disrespect intended of course)

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  • Hi Curt,
    Thanks for the reply, and I have written in to both Ride with GPS and Xwift with my idea...doh, & RWG have confirmed that they are developing parts of my idea already, which is no surprise...
    Everyday is a school day so let's see what comes out from them over the next year but not one of the 3 big players currently have it operational.
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