Make Training Plans Easier to Browse

I am currently wrapping up a Strava 10K plan with my goal race this weekend. What I would like to be able to do is browse other plans before committing to them. Depending on other races I might be interested in a 5K, Half of Full Marathon plan directly after my 10K plan finishes. Right now, I am unable to look at other plans while I am "in" the 10K plan.

I can stop my 10K plan to look at other plans, but if do that it will start spamming my activity feed saying I've joined x/y/z running plan when in reality I'm just trying to look at training schedules.

So to restate, I would like the ability to browse training plans and play with the number of training days for each type without having to commit to them first and spam my feed. In addition, I'd like to be able to do this while in the middle of a plan currently.



  • Agreed.

    I'd also like the ability to see the entirety of a training plan without having to manually change the start date of the race multiple times. Currently we can only see two weeks of training plans in detail.

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