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    Thank you everyone for all of your comments these past two years on the first version of Strava for Apple Watch.

    We have just released an update to the Strava app for Apple Watch, specifically supporting the series 2 built-in GPS. We look forward to hearing your feedback about the updated app in our new community discussion

    This post is now closed to comments, but the feedback shared here will remain active. Thank you. 

  • apple watch restricts access to the heart rate sensor to its own fitness app which stores exercise days in HealthKit including fine grained samples for activities.

    I'm happy with the fields Fitness shows on the watch for simple runs and rides. Running with just my exerday watch is compelling. I'd really like to be able to pull my historical workout data from HealthKit and sync it up to Strava for more detailed analysis than apple provide in their fitness iPhone app.
  • I have had very little success using the Apple Watch with Strava.  Am I done?  Did it upload?  It tried to upload, but it does it with errors.  I"ve also noticed that I have to "sign in" on  my phone when I open up the app on my watch.  Why do I have to do that? I might as well just open up my phone and use it there.

    When I pause, I should just be able to finish.  Why the deep press to finish?  I know you can do  that, but it is necessary when you could just put two icons?  One to resume and one to finish?  Sometimes is asks me if I'm done after I "finish" and sometimes it just goes back to the cycling icon.

    What does the Mike with 3mi mean?  Did I cycle three mites already?  Is that my goal?

    I watched to attach a Google Drive folder with a video and more in depth stuff and I wasn't able to.  I've linked it here.

  • If you have Strava set as a source for the Health App, it will start populating the cycling distance category. I know there were problem with this synchronization, but it seems to now be working for me on iPhone 6, OS 8.3. If I tap the cycling distance category on my health app dashboard, there is an option to share data. Currently Strava is not listed, and it is not possible to add Strava to receive data from health app. I imagine this just has to be enabled, and the data connections established programmatically and heart rate data will populate Strava.

    Using Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor for Strava is an essential feature for the use case, and I hope this is near the top of the priority list! Thanks!

  • Apple already demonstrated that one can pair a BTLE HR sensor with the Watch (Wahoo Tickr) so maybe the Strava app could pick up HR that way?

    Also I've been seeing a problem that is slightly annoying.  When I try to launch the Watch App, I get an error "Please sign in to Strava with your iPhone" and also the glance doesn't show anything until I load the app on the iPhone which kinda defeats the purpose.  Other Watch Apps don't have that problem so I hope it can be resolved.

    Lastly, for the purposes of starting and stopping an activity, I would imagine that it's better to use ForceTouch instead a simple touch to avoid accidental starts/stops.

  • I agree with Roger, I hope someday Strava can pull historical data from my Healthkit and sync it up to Strava, so I can see my heart rate and all other data in Strava.

  • Thanks for the discussion! Hopefully, I can address some of your feedback here. 

    Firstly, the Apple Watch can record distance with its built in "pedometer" function, but it can't currently record GPS on its own. This is why you need to have your phone running Strava within a few feet of you and the watch. 

    The ForceTouch to end recording is a design decision. It also makes it harder to accidentally stop recording.

    Lastly, the app does not yet work with Apple Watch’s on-wrist heart rate sensors, though athletes with iPhone compatible heart rate monitors can still connect to Strava on their mobile device and record their heart rate activity.  

    Please continue to provide your feedback. I'll chime in when I have more answers!

  • Jeremy Said: "the app does not yet work with Apple Watch’s on-wrist heart rate sensors"

    What is the timeline for addressing this? Thanks.

  • @Matt - I'm not sure what our plans are for the future regarding on-wrist heart rate and the Apple Watch. Please continue to provide your thoughts here and I'll do my best to answer questions and keep everyone up to date. Thanks!

  • Access to the Apple Watch heart rate is limited by Apple for third party apps so - even if Strava know when this is going to be possible- they probably can't say. I'm guessing they don't know yet and we;ll have to wait for WatchKit v2 or later. That's why I'm asking for HealthKit sync - that would allow me to record GPS and HR with the phone using Apple's Workout app but sync the data it in Healthkit to Strava for their better analysis.

    The big win is that I don't need to wear an HR chest-strap. I'm willing to make the compromise of using the Apple in run UI instead of the Strava watch UI for that. 

  • Do you know if you can pair an external Bluetooth GPS receiver (such as the Garmin GLO or the Dual Electronics XGPS150) to the Apple Watch directly the same way you can pair an HR strap?

    Both of them work with modem-less iOS devices (such as the iPod Touch or iPads with no 3G/LTE) so it would only make sense that they should work with Apple Watch.  This way, one could leave the iPhone at home and attach the Garmin GLO on their running shorts.

  • I would be certain you cannot do that.

  • If you looking at the Heart Rate dashboard in Health App, you'll see a share option, and in there you can specify what apps can access that data set. However, currently there is no option to share this data with Strava. Sincerely hoping this is addressed quickly.

  • Strava already pulls data out of Apple Health so it should be straightforward.  For example, I use a Withings WiFi scale to track my weight (and store it on Apple Health) and have verified that Strava successfully reads that.

  • Apps can access the HR monitor... Runkeeper already does it. I was surprised Strava didn't since they're usually ahead of RK when it comes to new features.

    I can't imagine why you wouldn't use the watch's HR monitor rather than forcing people to continue using a now redundant chest strap monitor. I didn't like wearing that thing to begin with and with the Apple watch there is no reason for it.
  • I also second the request to sync heart rate data from Health Kit. It's easy enough to start the Workout app and then start Strava so that's a good enough work around for now as long as that data is imported.

    I also think that it should take a force touch to pause a workout. The wake on raise feature for the Apple Watch doesn't work that well while running so tapping the screen to wake it up can easily result in an accidental pause of activity recording.

    Finally, the sign in to Strava on your phone issue is also pretty irritating, hope that gets improved soon.

  • I also second the request to pull in heart rate data from Health Kit. It's an easy enough workaround to start both the Workout app and Strava at the same time until direct access to the HR sensor is exposed in a later version of the SDK.

    I also think it should take a force touch to pause the work out, perhaps then providing a menu with options to continue or end the workout. It's too easy to accidentally pause the work out when tapping the screen to wake it up, as I've found the wake on raise feature doesn't work too well while running.

    I've also found that although I only do running, that the activity has been set to cycling on the watch a few times, requiring me to toggle it back to running.

    Finally, the Log in to Strava on your iPhone issue is quite annoying, will be good to have that fixed.

  • @Jeff - Third party apps cannot access the HR sensor directly. See this SO question:

    I'm also certain that RunKeeper can't access it directly and don't get the data from HealthKit because my wife is having exactly the same conversation with their tech support. Their App description in the app store suggested they can read from HealthKit (not read the HR data directly note) but even this is not the case. Their suggestion is the same solution "Run both, wear a heart rate strap" which is missing the point.

  • @Roger

    This is strange... All I know is that I started a cycling activity on both RunKeeper & Strava on the day I received my watch.  I did not have a heart rate monitor on, other than the apple watch.  I actually wasn't even expecting either app to support the heart rate monitor so I didn't even bother looking to see if it did.  But, during my ride Runkeeper announced my heart rate information just as it does when I have a chest strap on.  This surprised me so I went into the app and sure enough the "heart" indicator was on meaning Runkeeper was accessing the watch's heart rate monitor.  Looking at the stats on that saved activity in Runkeeper, it does in fact have the heart rate stats.

    HOWEVER, I did a cycle this morning and it didn't have any heart rate data.  And, I just tried to start a new activity with RunKeeper and didn't see any heart rate information or indication it was connected to the watch's heart rate monitor.

    But, I promise you... that first activity used the heart rate monitor.  The stats are there in the saved activity to prove it.

  • I opened up a ticket before realizing I could post here.  Anyway, here's what I put in there:

    During my 5 mile run earlier today, time and pace appeared to be displaying fine on my Apple Watch. However, distance never really reflected properly. It displayed random intervals - .4, .8, 1.7, 2.2, and 4.1.

  • Hi

    Watch app is working fine for me. Occasional says sign in with iPhone but that message goes away. I haven't used the glances option yet.

    But how do I keep the watch displaying my distance and progress during the run? It currently defaults back to the watch face meaning I have to fiddle about with it to end my run.

    Am I missing something?
  • @Andrew - That's watch feature. Settings -> General -> Activate on wrist raise -> Resume to -> Last Used App

  • Hi Jeremy, You said "the app does not ""yet"" work with Apple Watches on-wrist heart rate sensors". Can I take this to mean Strava plans on it in the future? One of the main reasons why I bought the apple watch as a health companion was the hears rate sensor, I only assumed Strava would tap into that to allow me not to have to wear an external Polar chest strap. I really hope this is at least something they are planning on/committing to doing. Even if there is no timeline for it yet. Thanks!
  • While I am running the distance updates periodically. I am not sure why. I stop and open up the app on the iPhone and it's showing proper distance but on my apple watch it doesn't?
  • Just to add my vote on this consolidated thread for the integration with heart rate sensor via Health app.

    From my first post (

    I don't particularly need for the Strava watch app to display my heart rate live (Apple's own app does this already), and I don't think it is doable since I don't believe Apple lets you call the heart rate sensor as of yet.

    However, Apple's workout app logs all this data in the Health app. Thus, I imagine that if a user authorizes Strava to read his heart rate info from the Health app, we could import heart rate data to a Strava activity after the fact.

    I'd love being able to do that to do some analysis on this once my workout is logged, from my computer.

  • I spoke too soon! On my run this morning I had it all set up to go. We set off - I tapped the screen. It said recording - but the timer stayed at 0:00. I didn't want to fiddle so left it. I then couldn't end it. It would only let me change sport. Finally it said please sign in on iPhone - then failed to upload from the iPhone. Very disappointed especially as it worked ok yesterday in tests. Have deleted it now. Will use my my Garmin until the app is more solid.
  • I guess there is a slight mental leap for Strava to make here. On the phone they think of themselves as a first class tracker app (which is true). What they've done is expand this to the Apple watch (where it's not true because of the lack of HRM access).

    Instead of thinking of Apple Watch like a part of iPhone, Strava need to think about it like they do about Garmin watches: a data source.

    Providing better analysis and segment ranking from Garmin data is enough. I don't need Strava to run as an app on my Fenix. It'd be nice but it's not the feature I want most. I want import of as much data as is available into Strava - just like i do from apple watch.
  • I've loaded the Strava app to my iPhone via the My Watch app two times.  After both loads, I wasn't able to access the Strava app on the Watch.  It wasn't one of the little icons you see when you press the wheel button on the side.  It also doesn't show up as one of the apps you see when you open up the My Watch app on the iPhone.

    Any suggestions?


  • So am I right in thinking at the moment I've got three options:

    * use the strava app on the watch - basically as a remote viewer for my phone with no heart rate or integration with health and activity apps

    * use the watch workout app on watch but get no strava segments recorded

    * use workout app on watch and strava on iPhone at the same time to get strava + activity data recorded

    I know that its early days, but I was really hopeful as this was all pre-announced and strava seemed to be promoted by apple in the built up to the watch release...

  • Heart rate data would be good but I'd rather see a rock solid app that works every time first. Or at least some troubleshooting advice? Yesterday's run was the first of approx 1,000 activities logged with Strava using various devices that failed to log. Had to add the run manually which I hate!!!!!!

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