Strava Local: How to contribute feedback or suggestions

Strava Local combines your favorite segments and destinations with similar activities from our community of millions of athletes and then distills that data to reveal some of the highest-quality running and cycling adventures in the world. The result is a series of city guides designed specifically for athletes, by athletes. Today, Strava Local features the following twelve cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, Sydney, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, New York, Denver/Boulder and the San Francisco/Marin. When you scroll over the city, you can select between running and cycling.

Local routes are first cultivated through data of uploaded activities in the world’s most active cities. Our product team then works with local influencers to ensure that each guide features the city’s best riding and running experiences. In each key city you’ll find a collection of the best running and cycling routes. Routes include the map, distance, elevation and a brief description. 

In addition to the best local routes, Local harnesses Strava data to find out where, when and why athletes tend to stop, which we have used to curate a selection of Top Stops for each of the 12 cities. This can vary from epic viewpoints to the local run shop or café where rides kick-off.

Feedback, suggestions and contributions

Do you have a favorite route in one of our featured cities? How about a tip, correction or bakery recommendation? We'd love to hear from you. Please use this form to submit feedback to the Strava Local team. In the future, we plan to implement tools to allow our community to contribute to Strava Local directly, so please stay tuned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save a Local route? 

From the route page, tap the Star button on the upper right. Starring a route will automatically save it to your personal Routes section on mobile and the web. In the near future, we will be adding an Export button that will allow you to download any featured route in GPX or TCX format. 



How can I export a route to my Garmin?

To export and load a Local route to your Garmin, star the route (directions above) and then visit your My Routes section of Click on the route you just starred, click export, use the drop down menu to select your device, and follow the instructions for export.


How can I view Strava Local on my mobile device?

Strava Local is optimized for mobile devices so you can view it in your phone's browser. 


Can I use Local Routes on my phone without cellular data?

We recommend that you have cellular data enabled while using mobile routes. If you try to load the route without a data connection, you will not be able to see the basemap. If you load the route while you have data or a wifi signal, you will see the route on the map, but you may not be able to zoom.





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