Changes to default Activity names

Starting August 18th, we changed the way Strava automatically names your activities. Previously, when uploading from a device (via the Strava website or via a syncing program) your activities would be titled "mm/dd/yyyy City, State" or "dd/mm/yyy Town, Region, Country". Now, your activities will follow the same naming convention as the Strava App. For example, "Morning Ride", "Afternoon Run", "Evening Run".


The default activity name is easy to edit. From the mobile app, when viewing one of your activities click on the "pencil" edit icon or select edit from the menu button. From the website, see the "pencil" edit icon to the left side of your activity page. You can also edit multiple activities from the "My Activities" view under the Training tab. 


We made this change in an effort to build consistency between the Strava website and mobile app. Additionally, when viewing activities listed on the profile or Activity Feed, activities are always listed by date making it easy to determine when the activity took place. 


September 9th, 2015

We understand that the new default activity names will not work for everyone on Strava. We welcome your comments and discussion on this thread and hope you understand that your feedback is heard and has been discussed with the Strava team. We do our best to cater to all the needs of our community, knowing that new features and product changes will impact our members in different ways. 


We don't currently have plans to revert the changes or build additional settings to customize default activity names. Our product continues to evolve and we hope you stick with us knowing that we take your feedback seriously. 




  • This was a seriously crappy idea, Strava. As others have mentioned, it would have been much better to achieve consistency by changing the mobile app instead. The old naming scheme was way better, so please revert this change and fix the mobile app instead.

  • The old names which included the location were way better!

  • Seems pretty unanimous. How about an update on the matter Strava? Would be good if you could actually communicate with us on the matter (and not with some political non-answer such as "we'll take your suggestions on board!").

  • Please existing names activities were better. Give it back, or make options in the settings.

  • I preferred the old naming!

  • Do not like. Afternoon run? Morning Run? How's that helpful?  I'd just about got over the fact that you were defaulting to mm/dd/yyyy on import (which your helpdesk said couldn't be changed), but I'm not particularly thrilled with having to change every activity, every time. In fact, I'm pretty hacked off about it.

    I'll put up with most things, but right now this unannounced change has got me thinking about cancelling my premium if there's no options to revert this in the next few days.

  • Oh no! Please set this back! It was much better than this - sorry - stupid "morning ride" e.g.! Maybe you can offer such a thing as a "click-box" to choose an alternative.

  • the old way was better. the name of the location was the most important thing. 

  • This is a very bad idea because it makes rides difficult to distinguish. Implies I have to re-name all rides to help me find my activities. Please change it back!

  • Good option. Is easy to edit. :)

  • I prefer the old dd/mm/yyyy town, region, country as the default for activities with GPS. If necessary I'll then overwrite this manually. New names not good for me.
  • I preferred the old naming!

  • Bitte zurück zum alten System. Danke.

    Please set this back!  Thanks.

  • I also vote for the old naming convention. It actually contained useful information that I now have to add each time. What a waste of time.

  • I much prefer the old way. An option to choose own default setting would be useful, I think

  • Old method much preferred with date and location. "Morning, Afternoon, Evening run" useless. Location could be abbreviated - "London, UK, England, United Kingdom" obviously redundant.

  • Another vote for the old style. Was much better, especially in the training log.

  • Like many of the others above I've always found the default name pretty useless and always change it to something that indicates where I've rode from/to. Would prefer a default that used the starting location if the ride is a loop, or the starting and finishing location if not.
  • I prefer the old way with the date and location. Changing it back would be nice.

  • Please go back to old way location and date....
  • Give options to people in settings.... I like the old version way better!

  • Seriously... why? My Activity fed is a boring morning run, morning run, morning run... lunch run etc while before was nice to see where everybody i follow is running. I don't care what time of the day I run... I care what date I did run that course and where... I don't have the time to go back and change them all.


  • The lack of location in the default activity names on the mobile app has always bothered me, so of course I hate this change. At the very least it should be something we can opt out of, or change in settings.  And I understand the date is redundant (I still like it though), but the mobile app should adopt using location in the default titles as mentioned already.  Thanks.  

  • Consistency is great, unless you're consistently bad. This is bad. Here's a thought (and I'm sure I'm not the first), make the default activity name customizable, just like your default bike or activity type. Give me fields to select from: date, time, location, activity type (race, ride, run, road, MTB, etc) and I can build my own default activity title. This is the twenty-first freakin' century. User customizability should be the default.

  • I hate this change! I appreciate having my location show up. Please combine both... Thanks !

  • Where is the option to change the default behaviour for Garmin uploads? Or are you seriously telling me to manually edit every activity...

  • This is really the most annoying change ever. Date and location was angreat way to look up activities, i.e. If I know a certain ride is 90km and starts in XY then I could find it in 2 secs. How would I do this with Afternoon Ride??? I have lots of afternoon rides that are 90 km. Seriously. Now I have to manually change alle rides, and no it doesn't help if I batch change activities because they usually don't have the same date/place. The map thing is also annoying but this change is really making me think about quitting my premium account, I'm sorry if the mobile app is to stupid to know dates and locaton but it is a very bad idea to change it to the lower standard.
  • Change to normal. It's what we all want!!!
  • I hate this change too.  It was much more useful before

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