Changes to default Activity names

Starting August 18th, we changed the way Strava automatically names your activities. Previously, when uploading from a device (via the Strava website or via a syncing program) your activities would be titled "mm/dd/yyyy City, State" or "dd/mm/yyy Town, Region, Country". Now, your activities will follow the same naming convention as the Strava App. For example, "Morning Ride", "Afternoon Run", "Evening Run".


The default activity name is easy to edit. From the mobile app, when viewing one of your activities click on the "pencil" edit icon or select edit from the menu button. From the website, see the "pencil" edit icon to the left side of your activity page. You can also edit multiple activities from the "My Activities" view under the Training tab. 


We made this change in an effort to build consistency between the Strava website and mobile app. Additionally, when viewing activities listed on the profile or Activity Feed, activities are always listed by date making it easy to determine when the activity took place. 


September 9th, 2015

We understand that the new default activity names will not work for everyone on Strava. We welcome your comments and discussion on this thread and hope you understand that your feedback is heard and has been discussed with the Strava team. We do our best to cater to all the needs of our community, knowing that new features and product changes will impact our members in different ways. 


We don't currently have plans to revert the changes or build additional settings to customize default activity names. Our product continues to evolve and we hope you stick with us knowing that we take your feedback seriously. 



  • Please change it back, or provide the option to have date and location as default 

  • I suggest changing this back - why would you select a new default option that has less information???  I would suggest - given the trivial nature of the default name - that you do away with "morning/Afternoon/Evening" and make the Strava default name the more detailed Date + Location name.  Surely this cannot be that difficult.

  • Maybe a mass cancellation by Premium Subscribers is the only way to get Strava to listen. 

    Their response to the overwhelming negative feedback on this matter is extremely dissapointing.

  • I don't really like either method.

    The location is not what I would choose to call it and the time of day has no meaning either. I always add my own name

  • Please change it back ! It sucks

  • Why not adding in "Settings" - "Display Preferences" another field where I may choose my default activity name?

  • I was quite happy with the way it was and would rather have, at least, the option to have it back that way.

    Then again, given it's 3 or 4 years since the thread (which is still pretty active) asking for temperature, elevation and distance units to be separately configurable was created and nothing's been done on it yet, I won't be holding my breath.

  • Thinking about this some more - has this change been made for performance and/or cost reasons? Clearly don't need much processing to work out Morning or Evening but presume you would need a server (or servers) running a location lookup service in order to work out what your first GPS point corresponds to in terms of a real place...

  • I had to edit every activity anyway as the date format always came up incorrectly for UK format (other thread on this). But omitting the location is a big negative.

  • Seriously Strava, whilst I see the need for consistency, I would have changed the mobile app instead... Really, Morning Ride, Afternoon Ride etc... what use is that. Everything should be done by GPS, and allow the user to override as they see fit.

    Now I will have to edit every single entry!!! What a load of rubbish!!!

  • FWIW - I don't know what's been said on the other thread about the UK date format, but it's been fine for me for ages. There's a dropdown at the bottom of the web page where you can choose British English instead of American English and that seemed to sort mine out when I first changed it a couple of years ago. Totally bizarre way of doing things but, well....

  • @John - that doesn't work for me. It's been set to British English for as long as I remember and all my rides synced from Garmin (which is set as DD/MM/YY) get through to Strava as MM/DD/YY. Very annoying

  • But anyway - I don't want to hijack this topic with the date issue. The fact remains we should be able to choose what our default is, including location. Just 'Afternoon Ride' etc is bloody useless

  • Sorry to hear that :-( Maybe they changed something else at some point too as mine are all synced from Garmin. You're right though; the morning/afternoon/lunchtime ride etc is boring and annoying.

  • I agree it should be changed back, this essentially gets rid of the activity search feature on the web site.  Activity search has been needed to be improved for a long time.  Why cant the mobile device activity be changed to month day year and location? Why are the profile pictures in the support forum square and not round???  Ha!

  • Disappointed with this change - the old description was, to my mind, far more informative.

    Why not just give us the choice?

    And why make the change and ask for feedback when you've no intention of rolling it back no matter how many of us say we don't like it!!!

  • Please change it back. The new default name does not give any information whatsoever!
  • Still waiting for a STRAVA response on this issue ....... I guess they are seeing how long they can get away with this......

    It is hugely annoying having to check the date manually when inputting the ride name....

    Sort it out STRAVA and bring back Google Maps..... There is no way on earth that these two changes were done in the best interests of your customers..... $$$$$$$

  • If Strava really does value our feedback, then please make note of these comments.

    This new naming convention is useless as it contains little to no information about the activity. Manually editing each activity is just requiring an extra step for your users.

    Please allow us to define our own default naming conventions or at the very least, switch it back to "mm/dd/yyyy City, State" where we could at least see the date and the location of the activity.

  • The worst part of this isn't the nonsensical change, it's the "explanation" that assumes that all of Strava's customers are stupid. In the past month or two Strava has switched to a less expensive map product, removed kudos counts from profile pages, removed comment counts from profile pages, and now saved a few queries on the back end by assigning ride names via time instead of location. If you guys are having issues keeping up with server demand, we get it, and would understand. If you needed to save some DB overhead by cutting out some things that require a lot of processing - we'd get that too. What we don't appreciate is the spin.  Ignoring the fact that pretty much nobody likes this change is just making it worse.


  • Well said. It's been 10 days. An official update or at least a response from Strava would be nice. 

  • I agree with everyone there should at least be some option to revert to how it was previously. It seems like the vast majority of the people prefer the old method. As others said the new default is way too generic and doesnt provide any quick insight on when/where the activity occurred.  I  travel a lot so it is nice to see the cities I have run in. Changing it after the fact when you already have that information is way more time consuming. The reason I have preferred Strava to other sites is because it made it easy to upload your activity and not have to make changes to titles I could just describe my run like I normally would in a log and have all the data there. I have a premium membership through buying a heart rate monitor but I will not be renewing my subscription if there isn't at least a setting to change your default back to how it was.

  • Did you actually bother to ask anyone if they thought that this was a good idea before you  implemented this change?  This is an utterly nonsensical change that achieves nothing other than to force people to edit each and every activity rather than be able to leave some the default name.  This is an utterly useless naming convention.  I will give Strava two weeks to fix this and return to the old naming convention and then I will cancel my premium membership if the default naming convention has not been changed back.

  • Dear Strava. You asked for our feedback and you got it. It seems there is enough negative feedback concerning this new naming convention to change it back to the previous naming convention. Please change it back. Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ride/Run is completely meaningless.

  • Please change it back or at least make an option in display preferences or something. It was way better before. 

  • Hate the new way ... I don't get why anyone would think that 'Morning ride' is better as default than '<date> <location>'?!?? Change back or better, make it configurable.


  • Well if you ask for my favorite naming convention I would prefer it as it was before. Just naming it by the daytime isn't useful at all when I browse my activites to find a specific one. Your argument to get more consistency doesn't make any sense, because I can name my activity as I want. So I've renamed all my activities to the old naming convention which I really liked. It would be great if you switch back or make it at least configurable. Thanks.
  • Yet another case of Strava trying to fix what isn't broken. If only RideWithGPS would accept my offer to become CEO, I would see you all there! A date and location is descriptive, at the very least, but laissez-faire titles don't make the cut. It's almost as if Strava wants us to name our rides to avoid the banal titles. I've never paid for Strava, even though I ride around 7,000-9,000 miles a year, because they sucked back streetview, the power is wildly off, the averages are always incorrect, the routing system is horrible, and the KOM lists are open to pros and hacks. I made a segment yesterday and had to flag people 8 deep to get to the truth. I'm on Strava for the social connections, the flybys of people I may meet and ride with, but that's all it's got left. I made mention of the importance of the KOM list many years ago (automatically flagging efforts that were well outside the limits of possibility and also keeping Pros and neo-pros off the list,) but all I got was crickets. Seems strava likes crickets. 

  • Old much better. Consistency not reached since some titles are in english others in local languages.

  • Agree w/ nearly everyone else.  New default naming has no detail.  Change it back to the old way, or allow user to customize their default preference.  Date and Location of ride was descriptive and way the way I searched for previous activities on the fly.

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