How to use speed data from sensor and not GPS? (Magellan Cyclo 105)


I realised that when uploading to strava from my magellan cyclo 105, strava uses the GPS data for the speed, even though I have a speed and cadence sensor. Is there a way to change this? It became apparent to me when doing a stationary indoor ride. The speed and cadence sensor is working fine, and when I look at the data for indoor ride on the magellan website I can see my speed but on strava it only takes the GPS speed so it hovers around 0km/h. I can also see that the distance is wrong too and taken from the GPS data (not that I am that fussed about the total distance, more concerned about speed). I looked at the .gpx file and the speed data is there. Unfortunately with this device the GPS needs to be on to start recording a ride, so I can't turn it off for indoor sessions.




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