My Ideal Workout App, does it exist?

I've been looking for the perfect fitness app for me. I've tried so many, I'm not sure if I'm really testing things right or not. Here are the features I'd like. Which app comes the cloest?

I have an apple watch. Ideally, I'd use that for heart rate info.
I run and cycle indoor (spin bike and treadmill) and outdoor. I'd like to save/track activities from both.
Training plans for indoors would be awesome. During the run it would prompt me to increase the incline to X, decrease speed to X, for instance. Same on bike...increase tension, increase cadence..etc.
I want to save outdoor routes that I run often. I want to be able to track times and even compare against my best times (hear or see updates on how far behind/ahead I am of my best). Like my Garmin Edge on my bike.
I want to be able to set specific update intervals (based on distance or time) which can speak out specific statistics I've selected. Strava does this pretty well.

This is my big one, the one I can't find: Display my heart rate (Apple Watch) and alert me if it falls out of a specific range or zone. Like my Garmin Edge does on my bike.

I'd like to see a map on my Phone while I am cycling of my route. Most have this.

For each exercise, I want to track heartrate, distance, location (mapped), calories, speed, etc (most devices have plenty of tracking information).

And then, cost. I'd buy the ideal app unless I had to mortgage the house for it...
Any suggestions? The main thing I can't find are the features centered around heart rate.


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