Route builder build his own route

Dear Strava,

when i want to create a route of a activity the route builder build completly his ow route and not following the red line.. how is this possible and is there a work around?

i already change the setting to manual and change other settings but still the same problem :(




  • Do the trails exist on the map? Export your activity to a gpx file and then in Open street maps drag the gpx file into the editor and trace the trails and save them as paths/tracks.

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  • one year later and no progress ???


    @Tim, it is not a activity, it is a route that i downloaded from internet

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  • now 3 years later and still not solved! if i import a GPX stop fucking arround with auto correct it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its a GPX so the route if fine!!! stop it strava!! just let the red line the red line and don`t try to change it!!!!!!!! :@:@:@:@


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