Finding My Routes inside mobile App

Hi all! New to cycling and Strava. I am able to save 'My Routes' onto the Web App, but how do I find these inside my iOS App?



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    Thanks Mark, that is indeed correct. On both the iPhone and Android app your Strava Routes can be found on the record screen by tapping the arrow icon. 

  • Hi Tom - 

    Simply go to record an activity in the Strava app and click "Load Route" option at the top. 

  • I don't have the option Load Route in the App

    What is going wrong


  • What I do on iPhone Strava is go to Profile, where you see your followers, following and photos - scroll to very bottom and Routes is there. Tap that to see all your routes.  Tap on Use Route.  

  • Thanks Robin, this is also the same for the Android app. Last place I thought to look.....

  • In Android, when you choose "Record Activity" you get the map view with the blue spot showing where you are (once it's acquired GPS).

    At the bottom, above the Record button there's a bike (for me) and to the left of the bike a pointy triangle.  The pointy triangle brings up your saved routes. Touch one and there's a "Use Route" button at bottom right.  Touch that and you're away.

  • Thanks Robin,

    I couldn't find it either :-)


  • Is there any way to search through routes one has created (either by title or other meta data) to find the one required?  It's clearly not possible on the IOS app ... but I couldn't find it on the full desktop version (using the Chrome web browser) either.

  • Indeed, the inability to sort routes from the app is problematic. The most logical order to me is by distance to where you are, so you can easily find it when you start. Instead, they seem to be sorted by the time they were created (?), which makes it painful to find a route that starts right where you are but was created a while back...

  • "What I do on iPhone Strava is go to Profile, where you see your followers, following and photos - scroll to very bottom and Routes is there. Tap that to see all your routes."

    I have an Iphone 6 and this does not work for me. After going in to Profile there are no routes at the bottom of followers.

    Can anyone else tell me how to find my routes on my Iphone that I have created on my PC in  (I am not looking for my activities)

    Thank you in advance.  

  • Lee, I can see the routes there on my iPhone 7. To be clear the routes are at the bottom of the Profile page, *not* at the bottom of the followers page. I'm sure you'll find them there.

    Still, the major issue is that it sorts them by most-recently-created instead of by proximity, so it can be super painful to find the right one.


  • Did you "create route" from a route by someone you are following, then save the route?  You click on their activity, then the spanner icon on the right and it should then appear in your routes.  Key in "create a route from an existing activity" to the help bar for more instructions.  I just found out by creating a ticket and being sent a link from Strava. 

  • Finding routes on the phone while riding. What a silly idea!  Good thing Strava had the sense to hide the routes in a way that no one can intuitively find them! (sarcasm intended) ;-)


  • There is no Routes button.  Also, there are no routes at the bottom of the Profile Page.  Also, there is no "Arrow icon" or Poiinty Triangle icon next to the Bike icon.

    Is there some secret?  Is it a difference in software between Free and Paid?


    OS is Android in this case.


    UPDATE:  Here's the solution to load a saved map (aka Route) to screen of Strava Mobile (not website):

    Click on Feed | You | On left side at top is a This Week mileage, and on right side is an unlabeled red right arrowhead. Click it. | Scroll to bottom and click Routes | Choose a route by clicking Use Route on it. 

    Note: This route needs to have previously been uploaded or set up for the route to appear here.  Uploading a gpx file to Strava Labs website is one way to do this.

  • My problem is related to routes that I have edited over time. In the list view of routes, the latest version shows correct, but upon viewing the route it reverts back to an older version. I have refreshed and restarted everything to no avail, seems to be a bug?

  • Is it impossible to create manual activity using pre-created route anymore? Why?! :( (android)

  • On my version of Strava on Android, I go to Record Activity via the "bars menu", which displays a map with a blue dot for my location. Above and to the left of the big START button at the bottom, a reverse S dotted line icon appears. That is the "Routes" button. Obvious, once you get it. Click it and choose among your saved routes.

  • Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me why I cant make use of a route that I've just ridden and recorded. I can see the activity, but can't select it as a route to navigate?

    Using Strava via the Android app on my phone.

    Thanks all

  • I also have an android phone, and I can't figure out how to create a route, even following the strava instructions. Do you have access to a pc or laptop? It is very easy to do from the website, and fairly easy to find the routes on your phone, once you have the instructions for that. Not intuitive though. You have to go through "record an activity", then select their route icon (the dotted trail) and find your route there.

    Good luck.


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