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It should be wonderfull to have the Club Events History List, saved in Club Page.

In that way we should be able to set Race Training and have historical log of the results / FlyBys of the cyclists who completed the Way Points in the event planned route.

Can we have it?




  • Hi

    My friends and I use Strava to track our training and we also used strava to classify our performance in our weekly day race route, but always is complicated review our data by mixed data from other cyclists and days and cyclists did same segment other days or did it at other times.
    I know your function challenges on STRAVA, I think there is an opportunity for you to implement a function that is called STRAVA EVENT. My suggestion is that a STRAVA user (Creating these events can be limited only to Premium users - to increase this kind of users), create a cycling event of one or more days, when creating the event the creator of the event defines that STRAVA segment will be run, date and start and ending time of the event. Participants (users free and Premium) event should register (as they do with the Strava CHALLENGE) and the results will be displayed after the end of the event - added if the event is run for several days - results will display only results for registered users who race the segments of the event during the hours that the event was open.

    When the event ends all user will be able to review results of registered users and may have some limited functions for free users and other results for Premium users.

    This feature can be very helpful - extremely helpful - for events like Gran Fondo or local race events, events that choose to use this feature can use a logo or brand like "STRAVA EVENT" and organizers can eliminate the costs of tracking chips and complicated time measurement services with (chips and carpets); for participants of these STRAVA EVENT use of Strava it is required to participate which should increase Strava users.

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  • Im Vice president for my Mountain Biking club and would like to be able to review our events.

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