Using Fitbit Surge as HRM while launching the workout from the Strava app.

Hey everyone and thanks for the responses in advance.

So being new to cycling I've been using my Fitbit Surge to record my rides, which are then automatically exported to Strava which is an awesome feature.

Now I've been desperately trying to find a way to do one of two things and could use your advice (if either is even possible).

1.) Attach my phone to my bike (via mount on the bars), start tracking a workout in the Strava App and have it use my Surge as a live HRM. Essentially like a cycling computer. So far I cannot get the Strava app to recognize my Surge as a HRM.

2) Invest in a cycling computer (Probably the Garmin edge 520), and use my Fitbit surge as a dedicated HRM which I would then upload to Strava through the Garmin interface.

Again thanks for any tips.




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