how do you report someone for repeated violations?

rider routinely and purposely rides in car to get KOM's.  he has been flagged so many long until someone likes this just gets kicked out?



  • very good remark, should be option to blacklist and if there are multiple repeated violations throw person out of strava please !!!


  • I agree. The take KOMS and refuse to take it off when you message them

  • The following Strava user has two ebikes, yet never list any of his rides as ebike.

  • Sam thing user every day go to work by bike and every ride mark us Running

  • So, is there an answer?

  • I have 3 idiots on route witch commuting to work with bike and mark that like run.

  • I think on the flipside of this, it would also be good for Strava to keep track of frequency of flagging, i.e. if the same person flags an individual runner/cyclist/swimmer's activities more than once they look into whether or not the flagger is accurately flagging them, or just temporarily knocking them off the leaderboard for distance.

  • Just keeping this one alive as it seems there is still no solution from Strava as far as I can see.

    In some cases (as mentioned above) it would be good if there were options such as:

    "Flag this activity" + "Suggest correct activity type" (for individual cases)


    "Flag this USER" + "Suggest correct DEFAULT activity type FOR THIS USER " (for repeated cases)




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