Recorded a ride and selected "Use Route" and actual GPS data from ride doesn't show in activity.

Started out on a ride and wanted to follow a Route that I'd made, so selected the "Use Route" option in the Android App and tapped on the route I'd made.  I rode a couple of miles past the endpoint of the route but none of that part  of the ride shows up on the Activity.  Also the part where I ventured off route doesn't show.   The Activity just seems to show data from the saved Route, and I guess the app just approximated my times and positions when I went off course.

Seems like I should be able to Use Route in order to check where I am in relation to a Route but still record ACTUAL GPS data of my ride.

Here is the Route:

And the recorded Activity.  I actually went off course for about a quarter mile and I finished the ride near the start but only the Route's GPS data is shown instead of the actual recorded GPS data from that day.





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