Garmin Edge Suffer Score

Jun 28, 7:10 PM PDT

i have a garmin edge 520, I downloaded the sufffer score for the edge 520 and it works nicely. the only problem is when I'm on a long ride and go for a break the garmin turns off automatically to save power. then I turn the garmin back on and resume my ride.

When I restart my ride, the suffer score also resets to 0. This is a problem since I really want to see the score on my longer rides.

I'm not sure if this is a problem with garmin firmware or the strava app. I think it is an issue with garmin firmware because after the ride I look at the ride summary on the garmin and the "time in heartrate zone" screen also gets reset to only the second part of my ride...

Anyway you can try to fix this? I think is a nice feature!



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