Is it possible to add a (Seasonal Best) time indicator (SB) like they have in athletics and other sports. for example Personal Best (PB) and Seasonal Best (SB).

That would be a great motivation throughout the year.

Thank you.



  • Love this idea. I miss the yearly KOM etc. Bring them back or as this suggestion says Seasonal best.

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  • Something like this is totally necessary if Strava wants to keep people motivated.
    Especially if they are not going to filter times alone/group ride.
    Some KOMs are really far for EVERYBODY if a race (professional or not) passed some segment, or some group rides.
    Even your own best PRs could be so far today compared with YOUR times 3-4 years ago.

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  • Great Idea - Strava please do it !! I am 50+ and so I will not be able to catch a KOM without cheating ...

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