Weight Tracking


I would like a feature that keeps track of weight. I use Garmin to log weight weekly. It would be great to have the same feature in strava or sync from Garmin weight data.





  • Would be also interesting to have your weight in your activies, so you can compare the same route other time. 
    An additional metric to cardio and pace.

    Would be nice to have a weight graph other time as well (could be overlayed on the fitness timeline, for example).

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  • +1 please!

    I'll move away from Garmin Connect and will take Strava Premium the day we can track weight in Strava.

  • Please can someone from Strava tell us if this is on to do list? I will cancel premium membersh if this is not an option.

  • +1 please!

  • I would like this please

  • +1 for this

  • Hi, Strava Team! I'm appealing to you for answering this future request. Do you have any plans to implement it?

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  • +1

  • Silly me thought connecting Strava with the MyFitnessPal would automatically sync weight with Strava. Nope.

  • + a big one... add the feature so I can use your app to make it less big please ;-)

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  • Strava, got any answer on this one?


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  • +1 

    Would be great if Strava pulled weight data from any app such as HealthMate or similar to keep it up to date.

  • I think the Nikita to record your weight and overlay it against running statistics would be of great benefit.  

    I find it extraordinary that after a year of this omission in Strava being pointed out, that there is no response from Strava support.  


    They obviously don’t take any notice of their customers’ requests.  Certainly make me question if I should renew my Summit subscription.

    Any responses from Strava Support?  (if only to give a reason why you can’t include such a feature in your statistics).

  • Hi Glenn,

    I have cancelled my summit. I'm looking for an alternative!


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  • Yeah, weight tracking for me to please

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