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    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for voicing your concern. We do read through the comments and we care about our athletes. As mentioned previously, Strava has long had relationships with strategic partners like Zwift, Peloton, and other partners, and we're testing different ways to share their relevant content with our users. I have shared your feedback with our Product Development Team and will continue to do so. 


  • I want to know too. Super annoying, seeing as I pay for premium. I refuse to pay for ads.

  • Seconded. It looks absolutely horrendous on the app.

    I wouldn't mind a small tag, but to have all the other furniture like ave hr, ave cadence, ave temp plastererd all over my feed and everyone elses is awful, and there's no opt-out anywhere? 

  • I'd like to know the same thing. Wahoo doesn't sponsor me. There is no reason I should be forced to sponsor them.

  • This is really annoying 🤢

  • I would also like to do this but haven't found an answer yet.

    I've noticed that viewing through the website doesn't show this, it is visible though the Android app (don't know about the iphone app). I've also been told that it is visible to my followers, which for me is more of an issue than being visible only to me.

    I'm not aware of any firmware updates to the Bolt being applied, so can only assume it to be a Strava issue.

  • I'm absolutely scandalized that as a paying customer I now have ads in my Feed. What is Strava thinking???

  • So happy that my Garmin 520 plus will come next week. No more Wahoo.

  • Got a resopnse from strava and they just washed their hands of it. such shit customer service. i pay for premium and they dont care about you

  • Thanks for the note Jess. I think Strava does care (they would be stupid not to). I just think this forced advertising is a misguided effort to generate sponsor revenue. Instead of using current Wahoo users to generate publicity for that company, how about offering wahoo users improved Strava experience? Make wahoo ownership a benefit to incentivize customer loyalty to that company and give ita competitive advantage.

  • I realize that my followers can view my device details if they tap the activity, but this line is long and in bold letters making it so prominent that it looks like I'm a Wahoo-sponsored athlete or something!

    I assume Wahoo is paying Strava for this, as I don't see any other devices listed. If that's the case, just add Wahoo advertising to the feed as separate cards, don't put it in my activities. That or provide an option to turn it off. 

    BTW, this reminds me of default email signatures like "Sent from my iPhone", but at least those can be edited or deleted.

  • Disappointed to see this appear this week. The implementation is clumsy and the inability to opt in/out, or have a choice not to see ads if you’re a premium member perhaps, is heavy handed.

    Unless the darn thing sprouted legs and pedalled a little bike next to me I did not “ride with an Elemnt Bolt”- that space should be reserved for friends. Then you’ve the shouty banner slapped across ride info and pictures.

    Most annoying of all- cyclists need to be more wary than other Strava users as they potentially have very expensive equipment at home. I chose to hide my address and don’t specify which bike I use, but Strava are happy to broadcast to anyone and everyone that I use one of the most expensive bike computers. 

    I guess it’s like any of these free services- despite what they would like us to think, we, the athletes, aren’t their true customers. Advertising agencies are.

  • This really doesn't look good and is definitely putting me off using Strava and Wahoo when all I can see are all these thick black line advertising links.
    I don't want everyone to know I'm using a wahoo bolt.
    I think you will be annoying a lot of people with all this advertising and hurting premium sales and also wahoo elemnt sales as I know people that were going to purchase elemnts but not if it means spamming all there followers!!

    Also not really sure if Jess had read what people are saying as this is the response I had direct from Strava below. Its just copying and pasting, no personal interaction, everyone is getting sent the same as soon as they complain.

    "Thanks for reaching out. Strava has long had relationships with strategic partners like Zwift, Peloton and other partners and we're testing different ways to share their relevant content with our users. I will gladly share your feedback with our Product development team."

  • I'll echo all of these comments.  I rarely bother to leave feed back but this one has me seriously annoyed.  Along with the silly relative effort "feature" this is an invasion I don't need.  I understand the need (and desire) to make money, but at a minimum premium customers should be able to opt out being forced to help market Wahoo (and Zwift, and Trainer Road . . .).  --DM

  • no they just have a copy and past response to wipe their hands clean of the situation. they dont want to help their customers who pay for premium.

  • Just wanted to voice my major concern with this new change.
    Strava - this is one of the most shocking, idiotic ways to piss of your user base.
    We are already giving away lots of information. As a paying customer I refuse to be used as an advertising billboard. I've been flexible with Strava's 'experimentation' so far but this is a complete breach of trust. Unless this gets turned off (or at the very least an opt-out is provided) not renewing premium and switching to another service. Don't care about the things I will miss at this point.

  • As a premium member I am extremely disappointed in the wahoo advertising splattered across my ride feed. It is presented to my friends as I recommend the product and I don't. I don't want my followers to think that. I am going to cancel my premium service.

  • Looks as though its been fixed. Faith restored! Thanks everyone for adding your comments and to Strava for listening.

  • Good news - the Wahoo advertising has gone this morning.

  • Frustrating that they can add a “feature” no one asked for and it appears many don’t want, when for years they have ignored requests for turn by turn on strava routes for wahoo - which is something we DO want

    I think the option to turn this off is a must especially for premium users, I’m already paying strava, why should they earn from my activity, or why am I not being paid for every activity I record?

  • Maybe Strava do listen. It’s now not showing on my rides or from other people on my feed. Thank you strava.

  • looks like its gone. thank you strava

  • This is now appearing for me too. Just got the wahoo 2 weeks ago, didn't appear until today. Thought this was sorted?

  • Strange. I came here because I got this annoying message as well (iphone).  I stopped and restarted strave and 'poof' it was gone.  Hope it doesn't rear it's ugly head again.

  • So, again Wahoo is advertising itself through my Strava account. Please, stop this crap.

    I should probably tell this to Wahoo.  

  • My message is back now. Or maybe it never left.  :-/   On my "YOU" feed, it's there, on my "Following' feed, it doesn't appear (maybe because I rode with someone else?).  I don't want to see it ANYwhere.  This remains very uncool, unsecure, and untrustworthy.  I'm not paying you money every month so I can be a billboard.

  • Strava released a new feature called Partner Integrations. They sent an email out about it the other day. There is also an article about it on the blog.

    Upgrade to the latest app and then go into settings to turn the feature off. I am not sure whether this works for free members as well. Maybe someone can confirm. Blatant advertising and user monetisation, yes, but at least there is a way to turn it off.

  • This time they have given you the option of turning it off and sent emails that they are doing this and how to turn it off. If you have not received the email you can press the sponsored I, at the top right of the map in the feed and change your settings.

  • This time round Strava gives us a way to get rid of the advertising. Go into your settings and turn the partner advertisements off. Fixes it all.

  • I pay for Strava, I’m not a free user. I also bought my Elemnt Bolt. Yet both companies seem to need to monetise me further and advertise for them.

    I think they think this is OK because, unlike the first time these adverts appeared, you can opt out. 

    Correct me if I’m wrong but only I opt out of displaying these ads? I.e. I’ll still see them everywhere else on my feed?


    With competition like TrainerRoad, with their new calendar, in the mix my eye is being drawn elsewhere Strava...

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