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Can someone at Strava please explain how you calculate the Training and Impulse score.  I use an apple watch 3 to record rides including heartrate.  I recently completed an 85km, 1552 kj, 216 Relative Effort ride which scored 114 TRIMP on the fitness and freshness graph. A couple of days later I rode to work and back and recorded 2 rides as follows: 13km, 232 kj, 9 Relative Effort & 8km, 115kj, 3 relative effort  and the TRIMP score is 191.........

I love the Fitness and freshness graph, however what's the point if the TRIMP score doesn't represent training load ?

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  • Same here -

    1. Saturday ride;

    136km, 5.30 hours, av. HR 144; Relative Effort 594 = Training Impulse 85

    2. Commute to work and back;

    2x10km, 2x28 mins, av HR 106; Relative Effort 2x10 = Training Impulse 130.

    There's something not quite right here folks... (it used to be more representative)

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  • weird - I looked back at a handful of old and newer activity days.  In all cases my Training impulse score is 1.30 times my Relative Score on that day.  Even on days with double activities and/or running vs biking events.

    One consideration is that there is/was an issue with custom heart rate zones giving much different scores that auto.... I have mine on Auto based on my max HR.  I could imagine in 'custom zone' mode... Relative and TrainingImpulse are being calculated differently... and getting jacked up as you are seeing?  If you are in auto... then who knows!!! lol

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  • I´m interested in this matter too, my 20 min FTP test scored lower than my relaxing Sunday ride...


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  • So STRAVA, are you going to answer this question?

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  • "Training Load is calculated using power data and Relative Effort is calculated using heart rate data" 

    But I would agree, in my case (as I don't have a power meter), the Training Load is always 1.3x the Relative Effort.

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  • What I don't get is...I can do two rides with relatively similar relative effort, but if one is a 1 hour hard climb on a trainer and the other is a 2 hour easy ride, the latter ride scores waaay more training impulse score. For example:

    This ride - a really challenging climb on the trainer: 166 Relative Effort, but only 84 Training Impulse, 

    vs this one - a fairly easy Sunday ride 126 Relative Effort, but 163 Training Impulse! 

    I guess it means time in the saddle is much more important than Relative Effort...? Seems a bit counterintuitive with what I've read about HIIT training. It's a bit frustrating to do a gut-busting workout and only see my fitness score go up 1 point.

    Any thoughts Strava?

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