KOM AI to Determine Max Theoretical Value

On a few running segments I've found kom's the not only break world record pace for distance but sometimes even half of that distance. The ai would use current world records along with the average grade of the distance to determine a max theoretical value. This would then be used to compare the segment times of people to this to guage if it a feasible time.



  • This would make perfect sense and make Strava more relevant. I pay for this at the moment and the KOM/QOMs are frankly worthless. Segments for running completed by people on bikes or even a car?? Bike segments completed by people on ebikes. 

    Even Runkeeper in its basic for will identify segments that are clearly wrong and unachievable. 

    Starva needs to change this asap.

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  • Hey Trevor - I write for the Wall Street Journal & I'm looking into an article about the impact of ebikes on Strava rankings. I see you've posted on the subject several times -- please let me  know if you'd like to discuss it. Thanks mike.colias@wsj.com

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