Wear OS Screen(s)

It would be nice, and really useful, and surprising we don't have it, would be a screen on our watches, for running, that has elapsed time, current pace, Heart Rate, and Distance - like they have for the Apple Watch.  When you are running you don't want to have to flip between screens.  There is plenty of real estate to do this.  At least give up an option on that line.



  • Yes!

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  • Agreed. We need the ability to put more than two units on the same screen. 

    We also need to be able to decide which units display on which screens. When I'm training, (1) current pace and (2) HRM BPM are what I want to see, but I can't get both of those units on the same screen at the same time. However, if I'm running a race, then (1) distance and (2) elapsed time are most important. 

    Strava needs to let the user control what units display on which screens.


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